Top 5 biggest frustrations in Online Mario Kart

Did you ever get so much trouble online?
One of the things in this Top 5 is most likely the problem.

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jthamind2231d ago

i guess a list like this for "online" Mario Kart might be different than an overall one, because i'd personally put the blue shell at #1. it is one of the cheapest, most unfair and BS things in gaming. you basically get punished for doing well. that's frustrating. lol.

TopDudeMan2231d ago

Yup, the blue shell is awful. There isn't a way to avoid it either, which sucks.

klecser2231d ago

Actually, there are one and a half ways to avoid it.

First, if you get hit by an item the instant before a blue shell hits you (while your kart is spinning out), the blue shell doesn't add to it, and recovery time is usually faster than the blue shell recovery time. Obviously, you can't really control this. So, I call it "half" a way.

Second, you can try to take someone with you. If the blue shell is launched and there is someone right behind you not paying attention, you can slam on the brakes and attempt to get them in the blast.

Of course, its still cheap.

rexbolt2231d ago

if you have a mushroom as it goes down on you use boos to get out of the impact zone right awayits tricky but it works

klecser2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

You can instantly tell you're potentially playing a royal douche in MK7 online when they ALWAYS select Maku Wuhu for their track. They are either a clueless person who doesn't know the exploit, and therefore doesn't know the etiquette of politely not selecting that track, or they are trying to get an easy first place. Thankfully, I rarely encounter more than one per race and the others will almost always race the track fairly.

The online rankings are also kinda dumb, because they are just additive. In that you can't really know if someone with a high rating is any good. Most of the time they are, but not always. They could just be game addicts. A high rating means: 1) They are legitimately good and have a high rating because they place high consistently, or 2) They suck, but have scored 3 measly points in 400 online races, adding to a high total through dinking their way to it.

GuruStarr782231d ago

Agreed on all above comments, except one.

There's a couple other ways to dodge blue shells that were not mentioned.

-use a mushroom: its insanely difficult to time, but it can be done, I've only done it once on mk7, but when I did, it was one of the greatest feelings of accomplishments I've had in 25+ yrs in gaming!

-use a star: nearly impossible to get in first place, but if u save one from earlier in the race....

klecser2231d ago

Also true! But they are incredibly situational, as you say.

Khordchange2231d ago

My annoyance is the lack of true leaderboards, mario kart wii did it perfectly! Why take it away?