10 Games That Wii Think U Need To Get Ready For

Pikmin. Metroid. Zelda. Star Fox. Battalion Wars. Animal Crossing. Fire Emblem. F-Zero. Eternal Darkness. Endless Ocean.

See how one journalist envisions these franchises on the Wii U.

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Menashe2348d ago

Why why why didn't they release another F-Zero this generation? I'd even take a new one on the 3DS but I'd really prefer it to be on the Wii U with glorious graphics and insane speed. F-Zero GX rocked!

Also, Pikmin 3 should be great when it finally arrives. We've been waiting for it since the Wii launched.

christheredhead2347d ago

Yah, I was kind of surprised that F zero didn't get released on the wii. That's almost a guarantee it will be on wiiu, along with star fox I'm guessing.

krazykombatant2347d ago

Can't wait till E3 and see all the new games and stuff nintendo has in store for the gaming community!