Resistance: Burning Skies Gameplay On A PS Vita At CES 2012

A video was uploaded to YouTube showing a developer demo walkthru for Resistance: Burning Skies on the PlayStation Vita. The gameplay was shown at CES 2012.

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sinncross2379d ago

i think this is going to be a fun title. Though I kinda wish they went with a sequel to Retribution, but maybe next time.

I just hope they keep co-op in this game. MP is kinda in the air from what I have gathered. US site says nothing for MP but the Uk sites says up to 8 players.

Colwyn2378d ago

ps vita is the best handheld ever made technologically. buying this first 30 seconds

gijsbrecht2378d ago

I see that they've used the Killzone cover system; nice. Good graphics by the way.

Cloudberry2378d ago

Also their secondary fire.

Albeit lacking from the usual extra R2 button, the touch screen functions looks great.

Now, one of the things left is, how to sprint / run in this game?

DigitalAnalog2378d ago

You know, that is a good question. With modern FPS games are implementing sprint, one can only imagine how the system would work?

Oh boy, I think this "trigger clicks" are going to be the next "PSP-right-analog-stick&q uot; issue.

On a positive note, they can technically use multi-functionalities on buttons such as tapping X to jump and holding it to sprint. Or maybe they could use the D-pad as a sprint toggle. Regardless, I can't imagine people playing COD on the Vita without a "sprint" function.

Cloudberry2378d ago

Holding X to sprint is a good choice.

GribbleGrunger2378d ago

you could easily use the touch pad at the back of the Vita to replace the L2 and R2 buttons. i see no problem whatsoever in implementing that for running. tap on, tap off

cpayne932378d ago

Tapping x to jump works okay, but holding x down to spint would be a pain because you can't aim at the same time.

Sugreev20012378d ago

Looks impressive,especially the implementation of the touch screen.That said,I hope it comes with the option to play the game without them enabled.

remanutd552378d ago

ok is there a sprint option on the game ? i hope so , game is looking great and its 1 of my 2 most anticipated vita title but that sprint option has to be there

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