MMO Update: Why I’m Worried About Dust 514

It all starts with the hardware…

When it was announced that Dust 514 would be a PlayStation 3 exclusive, my jaw dropped. As far as surprises go, it wasn’t exactly welcome – and for numerous reasons.

The first, and probably most obvious, is that CCP’s primary title, EVE Online, is a PC only title. Without a doubt, there’s a good portion of EVE Online players that would love to get in on Dust 514 that will be excluded due to such a move. After all, how many people are willing to drop money on a console just for the sake of one game?

Considering the link that CCP wants to play up between EVE Online and Dust 514, there seems to be a very obvious problem that is created by isolating Dust 514 on the PS3.

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sinncross2233d ago

The point is not to get EVE online players to move to Dust 514: that only lessens the player count of EVE, which be somewhat counterproductive. The point is to attract a new userbase to the devs world of EVE. Dust 514 and Eve are meant to work in unison to create to a unified world that is explored via two different perspectives.
Sure, many might play both interchangeably and that works too.

im sure if Dust 514 on PS3/ PSV fails to be any good they will create a PC version, but i disagree with the argument being issued by this article.

just_looken2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

uhh you do realise sense 2008 eve has been targeted by hackers stealing account information the recent group was lulsack.

THC CELL2232d ago

Pc gamers have begged for this game sinced announced.. I,love the risk Sony takes

Virtual_Reality2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

The major risk comes for CCP because they are making something never done before in the MMO genre with a Universe that has been running more than 8 years, and introducing this to a new audience, well, it just depends on Sony to marketing this right as they did with GT5 or Uncharted for the sake of this game.

Stay tunned at EVE Fanfest this March, probably they will reveal more content, gameplay and news about DUST 514 =)

NoOoB1012232d ago

I actually already saw an advertisement for this game about a week ago.

Zha1tan2232d ago

Stupid how its only on PS3 but then again we have Microsofts annoying policy to open source software to thank even though that policy as proven in recent months that it is infact useless.

saint_seya2232d ago

Lol. readed his fears "It is now possible to purchase numerous devices that allow you to use a keyboard and mouse to gain an upper hand. To make matters worse, these devices are often expensive, meaning that players with considerable extra play-money will have a massive advantage over their console friends"
So let me get this clear, someone that plays on pc, is just telling that a game can be unbalanced on a console since u can get different devices to use as keyboard and mouse? really?
ofc in pc u dont have different sets for every single player, ofc theres no different resolution outputs, mouse and keyboards are all the same and u can't plug in controllers... /S
btw having a device to use as mouse and keyboard is expensive, but having a video card/ processor / memory / motherboard to run latest games is cheap in pc....
People doesnt know what to pick these days to cry about...
And before someone says something, i do play games on pc, and i have a very capable pc, but this guy using this reasons as bad things on ps3 are pathetic..

Lazyeye792232d ago

I'm just worried that getting into a game might take a while.

This same problems occurs in MAG, which is why I don't play it as much. So as long as they have a fix for that I'll play it all the time.

Virtual_Reality2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Do you mean like queue for a battle?

CCP is aiming for 32vs32 Players. So is going to be more easy to enter a battle, also you have to make a lot of things before the battle starts and not just watching the screen as MAG waiting for the match.

Before you enter a battle, you are in the ''War Room'' where you can meet other players and make your tactics with your Corp or unknown players, fitting, communication with EVE Players, make contracts and more stuff yet to be unveiled:

The thing is there are 4 races in EVE Online, so DUST 514 will have those 4 races and will not split the community as MAG for the 3 factions.