Fake: Wii Colors, Animals in Mario Kart, Star Ocean 4 Goes Multiplatform

Rumors allegedly sourced from the latest issue of weekly Famitsu magazine claims five new Wii colors will launch alongside with Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Kart Wii will feature an 8-multiplayer mode and animal riders, and Star Ocean 4 - previously announced as a PS3 exclusive - will release on the Xbox 360 as well

Kotaku and Advanced Media Network have updates: the source of these rumor, a 2ch message board poster known as "Syobonta" aka "Syobo Online", has admitted that his Famitsu information was faked. The rumors were apparently some sort of joke amongst NeoGAF forum members.

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TANOD3874d ago

why would SE bring SO4 on a platform which doesnt exist in Japan

ruibing3874d ago

This is why forum should never count as news unless they are backed up by a reputable source. And even in those cases, we should just link it to the source.

Skerj3874d ago

I could swear what you just said were in the news guidelines (unless it's from a developer or media) and was part of the test to become a contributor yet I see it rampant lately.

TANOD3874d ago

SO4 on x360 in Japan!!!!


chrno63874d ago

Eariler 360 fanboys were celebrating the loss of a ps3 exclusive that most of them don't even care about. Owned.

TANOD3874d ago


I knew it was false since SE cant bring SO4 --a high budget game on x360 which doesnt do well except Na.

However SO doesnt sell well in Na. so why would SE risk losing millions on producing the x360 version

DrPirate3874d ago

What? so it WASN'T Ps3 fans trying to sweep bad Sony news "under the rug"

Yeah, for shame on that last article.

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The story is too old to be commented.