Warner Home Video denies BusinessWeek report

In an official statement, Warner Brothers Home Video Australia and New Zealand managing director Roger Clarke has denied a BusinessWeek report that its US parent could switch to support Blu-ray. Clarke said the company's global position had not changed and they would continue to support both HD DVD and Blu-ray for the foreseeable future.

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Danja3938d ago

what did you expect them to say..*yes we are officially going BLU*.??

we will see...what happens next year...BLU RAY has already won...Warner Brothers will just compliment the amazing library Blu Ray already has...


ktchong3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

Warner has already issued TWO *prompt* denies in two days since the week started. They do mean business.

Here's an important point: Warner is not Sony. I know Sony has a habit of denying rumors that later turn out to be true. But thats' not how Warner conduct business.

Different companies have different policies on how to deal with rumors. Sony's policy is to deny a rumor - even if it's true. Microsoft takes the "no comment" approach. And Warner only denies it if it's untrue.

Danja3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

as I said we'll see next year..maybe they're waiting to see how the holiday sales unfolds...if they had said 'no comment' then it would have lead to more speculation..dont yah think..?

The future is BLU..!!! Warner Brother knows that...soon they will sign that contract..!!

sonarus3938d ago

ok round peg lets assume warner isnt switching sides. still dosent change the fact that blu ray dominates the top 10 and all the best movies are on blu ray. As more ps3's are sold the gap will widen also as stand alone blu ray also gets its price drop the gap will widen too. Hollywood begins to apply pressure for an end to the format war and before we knw it only exclusive studio left on hd-dvd's side will be paramount.

deeznuts3938d ago

The Round Peg ... all companies do that, not just Sony. It's called protecting your current business. Just in gaming for example MS did it with the HDMI business, denying it even when there were pictures of the Elite across the internet. They can't risk their current sales.

DRUDOG3937d ago

Those guys in Aussieland must not be getting the message from the home office. Look, where there's smoke, there's fire. Why has most of the industry been predicting that WB would be going BD exclusive since last October? Can MS write another check to make Warner go HD-DVD? Somehow I'm doubting it and if things continue the way they've gone, expect to see Paramount & Dreamworks publishing on BD in a year.

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ruibing3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

We'll just have to wait for an official announcement, probably after the holidays. If they announce a change now, it will definitely hurt their sales.

ktchong3938d ago

This *is* an official announcement

TANOD3938d ago

They would switch to Blue.

It is almost warranteed.

HD DVD doesnt even exist in Europe and Japan and in Na it is almost dead.

Why would warner stay with HD DVD and cause consumers to suffer

gEnKiE3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

Ya, just like when Sony said that they had no plans to drop the price of the PS3 then a week later, BOOM, the PS3 was $100 cheaper....of course their not going to make the announcment off from someones theories of what might happen. They want to make the announcment on their own...Not saying that their not going to stay neutral but they wouldn't spill the beans this way.

@(The Round Peg) What?! Warner isn't Sony?! Ok, what are you? Some market analyst? When I said Sony, I didn't mean just Sony. Companies do this all the time and they dont always respond the same way all the time. I've heard many different responses from all the companies you mentioned. Most of the time it being, "We have no comment." So, I didn't mean to get your panties in a bunch over my comment and I noticed that your quick on your feet to defend anything M$ bad. :s

ktchong3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

I know Sony has a habit/policy of denying rumors that turn out to be true... but that's not how Warner does things.

Different companies have different ways to handle rumors. Sony's policy is to deny a rumor - even if it's true. Microsoft takes the "no comment" approach. And Warner only denies it if it's untrue.

DRUDOG3937d ago

Not going to disagree with you about WB cause I don't think either one of us really know how, when or why they'll respond to these rumors (what basis would either of us have since they're not typically responding to rumors all the time?). I do disagree with you entirely with your MS just "no commenting". If anyone lies, FUDs, plays games, denies or whatever, it's been MS. I'm not indicting them, all companies play the game, but don't act like MS are any different than other corporations.

pwnsause3938d ago

whats the point of reporting this, you know they're going to keep denying until its the end of their financial Quarter. They want to see the results this holyday before they go any further, I can tell you one thing though, that total HD format they were trying to release got suspended until a "forseeable Future", in other words, they know a format is going to come out the victor very soon, and all thats needed to complete that part of the puzzle is to support the format with the most studio support as well as its popularity, which is BLu-ray.

season0073938d ago

i doubt they are still making more of those but least they want this holiday season to clear some of their last stock they have...

and no matter its blu or HD-DVD fan, you expect them to say something right now?...i mean, they are corporation and you want them to admit rumor and wild guess from nowhere? don't act like a kid and think wise...

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