Crysis vs. Crysis 2 - Graphics & Mods

Here's a comparison of the graphics from Crytek's popular first-person shooter games, Crysis and Crysis 2.

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Hozi2285d ago

Why didn't you do the video comparison like the Ninja Gaiden one recently? both games side by side soe we can see clearly which one stands out more.

BiggCMan2285d ago

Yea it would be a better comparison. But I can tell you now that Crysis is a bigger technical achievement than Crysis 2. While Crysis 2 looks better at face value, it's really linear, not much destruction and physics etc.. In Crysis, this massive island is at your disposable, it's your playground, you can destroy anything, and every single piece of foliage has physics on it. And with mods, the game still to this day has not been matched in visuals.

jozzah2285d ago

There are plenty of things you can't destroy in the original Crysis....

Tachyon_Nova2285d ago

Agree with Jozzah, you cant even damage concrete walls/pillars in the original but you can in C2

TechTimeToday2284d ago

I agree. While the graphics on Crysis 2 are better, the scope of the game shrank drastically, which I attribute mostly to the need for it to be ported over to consoles.

ATi_Elite2285d ago

1. Why was the video so dark?

2. That was not Crysis running on Enthusiast or MAX settings

3. That was not Crysis 2 running in DX11 mode.

4. Crysis running on Enthusiast or max settings looks better than Crysis 2 DX11.

Orpheus2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Crytek says Cryengine 3 is 2 times more efficient. Considering they said the truth , Crysis 2 with all the bells and whistles enabled runs similar to Crysis on equivalent hardware which means Crysis 2 is 2 times better in graphics than Crysis (?)

Well that is considering Crytek said the truth.

Best card at the time of Crysis = 8800GTX in tri sli
Best card at the time of Crysis 2 = 480 GTX in quad sli

Ability of hardware grew around 4-6 times , graphics of Crysis 2 from Crysis jumped by a factor of 2 (( ??? did it ?))

In summary Crytek sold out !!!!

I will get a few disagrees for saying the truth :-)

TechTimeToday2284d ago

I agree completely. With the optimizations Crytek made in Cryengine 3, they had the ability to make a game that would completely blow everything away in terms of graphical achievement. However, they decided to make it for consoles as well, which limited what they could do on the PC.

TechTimeToday2284d ago

1. I recorded the first level of both Crysis 1 & 2. They both happened to be fairly dark levels.

2. Crysis was completely maxed out, with tons of mods on top of it.

3. Crysis 2 was indeed running with DirectX 11 enabled, plus the BlackFire Mod 2.0 and MaldoHD Texture pack.

4. It's debatable, but I can definitely see why you'd choose Crysis over Crysis 2.

ATi_Elite2284d ago

I have 2 Gigabyte GTX560ti's clocked at 1000mhz each along side a Core i5 2500K clocked over 4Ghz with 8GB DDR3 1333 and i can run Crysis and Crysis 2 DX11 both MAXXED out.

Crysis looks better than that as the game maxed out is photo realistic and looks better than Crysis 2!
Crysis 2 DX11 is Nice and has nice Tessellation!
Crysis with the reality mod is THE BEST and crushes Crysis 2 DX11 with ease!

Sorry but your not telling the truth. the second Crysis clip was at broad day light (but your video was dark) and you couldn't see the footprints in the sand plus the annoying lack of detail and the rocks popping up so that right there proves Low settings not too mention the lack of AA.

Crysis 2 clips had no Tessellation and were the common DX9 clips shown all over the place. I think you just ripped these clips from the Internet.

Crytek sold out for the consoles and C2 sucks. Crysis and Farcry PC are still the only things Crytek have done that are great.