PSN Maintenance Scheduled On January 19th

TPG: The Playstation Network will be having a schedule maintenance, in which some services will be down from 16:00 PM to 6:00 AM GMT.

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PopRocks3592255d ago

Hopefully they'll fix the recent bug I received where the browser cannot load anything when searching something on Google.

Lucreto2255d ago

I noticed that as well.

I thought it was what I was looking up I am happy others have it as well.

I don't know if its a brower problem or an update on googles site which runs a strain on the PS3 browser.

spacedelete2255d ago

either delete cache or turn off java then try searching it worked for me.

Nykamari2255d ago

I'm taking bets that it will be atleast 10 articles about the psn has been hacked on the 19th. Any takers?

dirtrider2255d ago

good i'll be on the road on the 19th anyways. also january 19th is an important day anywho,

robert e lee day!


2254d ago