Destructoid: CES: Mad Catz SF x Tekken fightpad is little but mighty

Destructoid: Mad Catz has a lot coming for the fighting game fan in the near future in terms of fight sticks but they haven't forgotten the player who loves to play with a fightpad. At CES this week, Mad Catz also revealed the brand new Street Fighter x Tekken Fightpad S.D. and, once again, it's a winner.

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iamgoatman2102d ago

I have one of the MC Street Fighter 4 fightpads, and although it looks and feels cheap, I'd say it's probably the best alternative to a stick if you prefer using a pad. Although the d-pad is quite loose, it's very responsive and accurate, better than either consoles default controller at least for fighting games.

I wouldn't pay too much for one though, as depending on how hard you wear your stuff, you could be looking to get a new one in a years time.

Magic_Spatula2101d ago

I bought one of the Street Fighter 4 fightpads too when it first came out. It does feel cheaply made, and it probably is. Stopped working on me within 2 months. Ordered me a Hori fightpad, which is way better than the MadCatz ones. Still use it today and still works great.