What Can You Expect From Nyko for the Vita? Whatever Sold for the PSP

Kotaku: When it comes to mobile gaming, first party acessories can get damn expensive. That's where Nyko comes in. When it comes to third party gaming accessories, nobody is as prolific and nobody gets their gear to market faster.

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STK0262258d ago

I've never used a Nyko product, as most of the time, it seems their products are useless of poorly designed. Anyway, I've never felt the need to buy what they make; just look at the 3 examples shown in the link, one of them makes the PSP (and presumably the Vita once they release a similar accessory for it) non-portable. The second is okay, I guess, although a screen protector similar to the invisishield does the same while looking much better. As for the last one, why would I use a 5 inches screen as a miniature movie theatre?

WooHooAlex2258d ago

One accessory I hope to see is snap-on rubber nubs for the analog sticks, to give them more of a dualshock feel.

GuruStarr782258d ago

I use the nyko battery pak for my 3ds and its actually pretty good..

I might have to seriously look intogetting this for my vita..

tarbis2258d ago

Definitely getting the power grip for my PSV. It's a long day in the office and I need my PSV to kill some office boredom.

tiffac0082256d ago

You mean kill m... our boredom. :D