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I love video games so I really need to get this out; I really hate all the whining and complaining that has befallen on the gaming community.

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bozebo2233d ago

Interesting. But you have NO idea at all.

VonAlbrecht2233d ago

This article just comes off as whining about whining, so I'll address it as such.

PC gamers have the right to stick their noses in the air. They put far more time into building and maintaining a machine that does significantly more than a console does. Tossing the decisions that individual companies like Valve and EA have made for specific games is irrelevant and does not reflect the nature of the platform. This particular instance with Civ 5? That was the publisher fucking you over with draconian DRM, not PC gamers/ing.

Also, I think I can safely disregard the writer's opinion based exclusively on his last two paragraphs. Modding is one of the purest displays of commitment and appreciation on the part of the PC gaming community. Fans of games are willing to pour hours of their time into crafting these mods, and it's no easy feat. Having an SDK makes it easier to do what dedicated modders are already going to do anyway. It's not illegal, nothing is being reverse-engineered, and in worst cases, some copyrights are harmlessly infringed upon when people add things from one game to another. But look at Skyrim, nobody's released the official modding tools and there are THOUSANDS of mods.

I think you've entirely underestimated the PC gaming community, and simultaneously made yourself look like a cranky old ass who steered clear of PC gaming not because of cost, or convenience, like most, but simply because his grouchy old bones can't keep up. Your premise of not being "one-sided and bias" was immediately dragged out the room kicking and screaming when you said that you don't PC game. If you were truly without bias, you would be a PC gamer making these observations. Now you're just another whiny brat trying to berate something he can hardly understand.

"Uhhh, I hate all the whining in the gaming community so I'd better write my own whiny articles." Grow up, man.

Chnswdchldrn2233d ago

Um without gamers "whining" and nitpicking, devs can get away with really gradual shit

Lets say the devs in the past cut just a little bit of content from the full game and call that DLC, and it sells well because, hey, its just a small change

Well then the devs are gonna do it again but only this time, they cut more content and then slap on an even bigger price tag

If there isnt community outrage to stuff like this then expect the quality of games to consistently degrade as we advance into the future of gaming

Yeah PC gamers bitch about stuff like poor ports or being charged for DLC...we aren't just gonna sit back and take the shit that devs are spitting out now a days; we wont settle for "good enough"

We are arguably the biggest supporters of the improvement of games, we are fighting so that games are not dumbed down and do not devolve from their predecessors

Now I aint trying to start stuff with console goers, but when they stop settling for "good enough" in a game and start wanting a little advancement, start demanding that the devs try their damned hardest to develop a truly remarkable game as oppose to cutting "just a few corners" only then can we start to see truly good games

When developers remove features or dumb something down and overall reduce the quality of a game, even just a tiny bit, don't just accept it, make sure they hear about it, as we PC players strive to do

call it bitching and nitpicking but its the stuff that drives developers to make the best games they possibly can

theeg2233d ago

I find the jealous people who do not game on pc to be sad. You're gaming in 2005, some of us just like to game in the present.

There is not a console game in the entire universe that looks as good as crysis 1 does from 2007, without mods, maxed out on pc.

The same is true for almost every major pc game since crysis 1's realese.

Stalker Clear Sky
Far Cry 2
crysis war head
heck, dead space on pc looks better than any console game.
Stalker clear sky
Arma 2
the list is just too long , bulletstorm on pc looks better than anything that ever has, or ever will come out on console.

and, even more importantly, pc games run at 60 or more frames per second, if you know what you are doing, console games run between 15-30 most of the time, sometimes, in games like dark souls, demons souls, dead island, skyrim and many others, they run much worse, dark souls, blightown, literally 6 frames per second, dead island, every time you swing your weapon its a slideshow (at least the ps3 version i rented did)

there are so many things wrong with this article.

Steam makes psn and xbox live look like a joke, like literally, like someone is pulling an unfunny april fools jokes, those prices on xboxlive and psn, are they serious?? do the tards that run psn/live even look up the prices of video games, lol, i would never buy any of their trash priced games.

There are over 5 million people on steam right now, at this exact second. Xboxlive wishes it could get there.

And you are "against modding a game"????????

please, shut your mouth moron.

mods are AMAZING, I know your a sad jealous little hater who wishes his great mighty console overlords would allow modding on his platforms, but since that conflicts with their model of dlc day, hey buy this, hey wanna buy a new digital gun, hey wanna new track for your racing game, hey, hey, hey, hey buy this, hey , hey, hey buy stuff, hey, hey,

number one, the entire article seems written for a fourth grader, number 2 you just sound like an angry little hater, waaaahhhhhh pc gamers get everything better than my sub-hd games, waaaahhhhh. they get free mods, waaaaahhhhhhh
their graphics make my games look last gen, wahhhaaahhhhhhhh

please don't ever write again, you are terrible at it.
the opinions of the uninformed and idiotic are not needed.

Ps3-PCgamer2233d ago

I find it funny when people who don't Play PC games criticize Us for talking about how awesome it is. Its like being mad at someone who drives a Ferrari because you can only afford a Chevy. We invest Thousands of our hard earned dollars into a device and if we want to brag and boast about it's our business.

Most of this article sounds like it was written by a ten year old. So sick and tired of this whole Console vs. PC crap its ridiculous if you ask me. Just Game on your preferred platform and be satisfied. Sounds like he wants to Game on PC but he either doesn't have the funds to put one together or the know how.