New Wii does “U” turn on CES rumors

While not everyone expected news of the Wii U at CES 2012, a lot of gamers did and there were many rumors to support this, with some of these including a bigger showing than we had seen last year during E3, to more hints regarding a release date. However, these two were wishful thinking, as Nintendo would rather use E3 2012 to announce such details, as it’s considered a much better platform for their product.

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dvfaa2255d ago

is that supposed to be some sort of pun?

Rush2255d ago

Yeah, I think it's meant to read something like "New Wii does it turn "U" on"

Instead it makes little sense at all.

BlmThug2254d ago

I think it meant as in a "U turn" which means "a turn made by a vehicle in the shape of a U, resulting in a reversal of direction"

LettingGo2255d ago

Ya. Much better impressions this time. However, I think Nintendo is getting away with murder here.

ChickeyCantor2254d ago

Honestly, they didn't show anything new.
It's the same, the EXACT same stuff they showed on E3.

LettingGo2253d ago

They didn't show anyone playing with the controller and the Zelda tech demo was behind closed doors.

ChickeyCantor2253d ago

Yes they did.
They did all of that last E3.

Even videos of Ghost Recon online alpha demo.

Everything you see here was already shown, except for the streetview demo.

IWentBrokeForGaming2254d ago

I'd be more impressed with the controller design if the screen were bigger!

tweet752254d ago

well my guess is sony will say we have great touchscreen controller gameplay on new games for the ps3 using the vita as a controller and you dont have to spend a penny more on hardware (assuming you already have a vita which in releases in feb)- take that nintendo

jacen1002254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

how are they getting away with murder no one has purchased a wiiU yet because they are not out so no one is getting done over, nintendo hasent released any specs or top title gameplay action as they are keeping this all till E3 then people can make up there mind if they want to buy a wiiU , the news that has been about the internet about the wiiU we know its gonna be a fair bit more powerfull than current gen and we know its getting the AAA titles they have shown some ways in which the tablet controller can be implemented into games and E3 is were your gonna see the decent goodies i think

LettingGo2253d ago

PM me next time. Basically, they're getting away with murder by not creating new IP's, not modernizing their old IP's, and doing little to advance the industry. I'm not talking about the Wii U exclusively. Sorry for the confusion.

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