Microsoft Don't Want You To Own HD Movies - As Simple As That

It's nice and convenient to download movies temporarily to your new Elite 360, but wouldn't you like the option of downloading a movie and keeping it? of Course you would.

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unlimited3874d ago

Hell no!! i wouldnt want to download HD movies it will take forever!!

marinelife93874d ago

I wouldn't mind downloading an HD movie I would just like the option of owning it so I could watch it for free at a later time rather than having to re-rent it.

ruibing3874d ago

I rather just own it if I can get it in perfect HD quality for only about $10. I think you come to appreciate the ones in your collection more when you do this.

v1c1ous3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

wouldn't it be easier to just buy the blu-ray/HD-DVD version and have an actual physical copy?

i mean, a physical copy has a higher chance of surviving a longer time than something you downloaded onto Hard drives that can crash or mess up :/

EDIT: and let's be honest here. how often do you rewatch movies you purchased/downloaded? once a week? month? year?

you're going to permanently waste 8+ gigs of HDD space on something you will seldomnly watch?

Close_Second3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

reasons being:

(following reasons are based on premise you actually get to keep what you download, not just a rental)

1. A good on-line service will keep track of what you have downloaded so if its deleted or corrupted you can download it again. How many retailers replace a scratched or lost BD or HD disc? Hell, most insurance companies only cover to a maximum amount when it comes to physical disc media so they probably won't be much help if your entire collection we're stolen.

2. Might take up disc space but a 1-Terabyte disc will take up less space than buying the equivalent physical BD or HD discs. My home is a place for relaxing - its not a movie rental outlet where I wish to display all my disc cases. I use to own 300 DVDs and finding space for all the cases was an annoyance. In the end I kept the discs in a handy folder and put the cases in boxes in the garage.

3. In a wireless home its possible to stream media all around the house to multiple receivers from the same source device. If I buy a physical BD or HD disc the first thing I'd want to do it cut it to HDD so I could stream it wirelessly. That way I can, from any TV in the house, select from a list of movies, TV shows, etc and play them when I want.

Physical BD, HD and DVD discs are just a delivery mechanism for digital content. Once a cheaper, more viable alternative becomes available people will opt for it. If download speeds and HDD storage are the only concerns then its not really a concern as both are being addressed. You can now buy 1-Terabyte HDD units for home use (who would have thought that 5 years ago!), what kind of storage will be available in the next 5 years? Download speeds are forever getting faster. A sustained 10Mbps will download 10GB in around 2.5 hours. We are a few years away from a sustained 10Mbps but look at where we were 5 years ago with dialup.

Whether we like it or not, digital downloading is here now its just not yet reached the masses in terms of video content. It has however become the preferred method for buying music - ITunes anyone? Now, I remember people saying that digital downloading of music would never take off either...

v1c1ous3874d ago

1) aren't blu-ray scratch resistant?

2) the mere fact that you own 300 DVDs means you are either wealthy or are an extreme movie buff, in which case you do not represent the general public. also, 300 HD movies would take up a couple of terabyte HDD/discs which kinda makes the space issue a moot point.

3) again, you are outside the current norm of the public by streaming your media across different receivers. you are more advanced than the usual user.

4) Only in asian countries (jpn korea etc) has high bandwidth become the norm. western countries still have quite a while till they get affordable high speeds. in the meantime, HD-DVD + Blu-ray will corner the issue of keeping your movies.

5) the diff between downloading music and movies is that a song takes a few minutes to download, and put into a mobile device for you to listen at any time you want. how many times do you rewatch a movie on your ipod a day?

Ri0tSquad3874d ago

I think Blu ray disc are. They sure as hell feel like it.

PS360WII3874d ago

dang sorry I missed this in pending. Microsoft Don't want you to... or is it Doesn't? Ah small matter really just funny is all.

Anywho I'm more into the hardcopy. I don't like to rent so I never did download a movie from thier service and only will if they let me keep it forever and ever... or until I would need more room

Arkham3874d ago

It should be "doesn't", but the original title is "Don't". You could fix it on this submission if you want, though, since it's a grammatical error.

If it was "Microsoft managers" or "Microsoft directors" you would use "don't."

Ghoul3874d ago


first get your demo download speed up
i had times where i downloaded like 5 hours for 500 mb

would be pure HELL to download HD movies from the same service

Meus Renaissance3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

Digital downloads in that context, of actually purchasing a movie, aren't feasible with a 120GB HDD. Storage capacity will need to be considerably more and Internet speeds, with bandwidth from the ISP's, significantly improved.

Close_Second3874d ago

...of that you can be sure. You have to winder why MS did not go down the same route as the PS3 in terms of being able to substitute your own HDD.

Meus Renaissance3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

To keep costs down. We definitely will not see digital distribution in the way of movies in this generation.

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