Weekly CryEngine 3 Gallery [January 8th - 14th]

DSOGaming writes: "CryEngine 3 is a really amazing engine and as we’ve said and before, we are shocked that most studios are not taking advantage of it. This engine is one of the most optimized engines available to the market and since the SDK has been released, modders have been ‘playing’ with it. So, today we bring you some new screenshots from the works of USSR_GRAND, neo83_gr, rGOt, darkchazz, chicken, iSqueezee, bello2185, ShadosProd, Lavizh, and [P.W.N]UltraNOOB."

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stigmurder2350d ago

As a fan of both Crysis games, I still have to say that there is far too much hype behind the Cry engine. The Frostbite engine beat its ass last year hands down.