Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo Review [Video]


The predictable and highly anticipated sequel to the blockbuster Final Fantasy XIII, is close to release. Only a couple of days ago did Square Enix release a prerelease demo for XIII-2, so I decided to kill some hours and have a try at it.

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Ranma12377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

Square Enix of today are masters at making you think a game is really good, from their trailers or demo's when it isnt....because their console games NEVER turn out to be good

Reborn2377d ago

Can you explain why you think that? Can you give some sort of logical reasoning as to how you reached that conclusion? (not saying others can't) but you clearly can't. Stop ranting, and just avoid the topics.

Usually, the first comment sparks interesting comments. In this case, you keep having these moments of clear stupidity.

Ranma12377d ago


SE are known for making awesome trailers.

Remember how awesome MindJack trailer and FF13 trailer was? How did that turn out?

Remember the FF12 trailer that game with DQ8. How did that game turn out?

Wintersun6162377d ago

FF12 is one of my favourite games of all time. I know that not all feel the same way, but it's a far better RPG and FF game than FF13 was.

XishikiX2376d ago

I thought the FF13 trailer was bleh. As I did the FFX13-2 trailer. And the Mindjack Trailer wasn't ever impressive and I'm not sure anyone thought that was going to be good. (A shooter developed by the co-devs of lost odyssey published by SE).

The problems with FFXIII's dialogue was infact prevalent in the trailers. (And I liked XIII), I don't really understand the hate towards FF12 at all. Other than maybe characters and story. But FF fans have bitched about that since FF4.

The trailers that I thought were amazing were Deus Ex (best trailer I've ever seen) which was in fact awesome. And Advent Children, but that wasn't very good.

delosisland2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

Never make good Console games? Isn't that all they make....cuz I thought boggled by some peoples' stupidity on here every day. Anyways, square needs to make ffversus cuz that actually looks old school and awesome

XishikiX2376d ago

He was meaning. Home Console. They've made a number great handheld games.

I agree versus looks neat. Though it's a race to see what comes out first hat or The last guardian. It however, doesn't look old school at all imo.