Want to Play Skyrim on a Tablet? There’s an App for That

Kotaku: This past week at CES, Nvidia and ASUS teamed up to show off The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim running on ASUS' latest and greatest tablet - the Transformer Prime.

Now move some fruit please.

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LackTrue4K2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

ok, i got a question on this then....."if pc's are so powerful (rolls eyes) how can a tablet run a game like this?!? Or a tablets that powerful?!" [email protected] "Oooooo.....i see, thank you" so is cloud gaming is doing all the work! hummm.....then cloud gaming also looks like it will be the future for some pc's, and whatever the new ps4 and xbox will come out with. "and thanks again"

frelyler2318d ago

Well, the tablet is using something akin to onlive. The game is on a cloud, which is being run by one of those powerful pcs you rolled your eyes at. It is still very cool, but the tablet itself is not doing the actual work.

kaveti66162318d ago

What's with the random quotation marks, especially at the end, where you seem to thank someone sarcastically for answering your question?

Marquis_de_Sade2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

"You're an idiot"

frelyler2317d ago

So the disagrees are for the facts stated in the article itself, fucking morons. Why are there disagree buttons again. I just have to laugh.

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sticky doja2318d ago

I can play Skyrim on my Iphone using the app Splashtop (there are many others just like it.) Instant access to my home pc over 3g or wifi. I just need a bluetooth mouse and keyboard and I will be good to go :P

SnotyTheRocket2318d ago

Really? From an IPHONE? I'd laugh if I was a guy playing with a random controller in the mall, and looking at his iPhone.

BlackjackCF2318d ago

Oh my.

Yet another reason why I should buy all the tablets with...

...all the money I don't have.

-Mika-2318d ago

The controls are going to be horrible on that thing.

CrzyFooL2318d ago

You can use a 360 controller

Braid2317d ago

Even if you can use a controller with it, it just doesn't sound so wise to play a game on a tablet to me.

Let's assume that you can connect a wireless controller to the device. When it is the case, the tablet itself will only be used as a monitor. Think about it, you'll be playing a game on a monitor that is horrendously small and low-res. Why would you do that? I'd probably just grab my PS3/Xbox360 controller instead and play the game on my gorgeous Full HD LED screen.

Yeah I know regular consoles are not portable and stuff but if you're considering the fact that you may want to carry a gaming device with you when you travel, why wouldn't you just stick with the Vita instead? The screen is smaller but at least you don't have to carry an external controller with you.

Tablets are not meant to play games with, they're for accessing to internet easily any time you want to. Only games you can enjoy playing on a tablet device are touch games like Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja.

ginsunuva2318d ago

You have to plug in a usb gamepad or mouse
There's no touch input for games

llMurcielagoll2318d ago

I don't see myself playing High-end games on a touch screen tablet... No thank you; not even with external accessories.

It is either, play it on a Console or on a PC (For me).

End of story.

brodychet2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

Wuuuuuuut. That's pretty sick.

Edit: After watching the video on how it's done, I thought it was like, a skyrim app. But it's just the tablet connected to the pc over a cloud. Less impressed kinda D:

BillytheAlien2318d ago

I would find it hillarious if it actually played better on there then it does on my PS3 :)

young juice2318d ago

whats sucks is that it actually DOES run better on that thing than it does on my ps3.

i feel like im going through a really good flip book with most of the pages stuck together

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