PS4 Release In 2013? Rumor Roundup

VGB: A PlayStation 4 roundup of all the latest rumors and facts. The goal here is to show when Sony’s PS4 is expected to launch and what exciting new technologies have been hinted it may include at release.

When do you think PS4 will be released?

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Batzi2351d ago

More like PS4 announcement to me :P I highly doubt it is coming 2013.

dark-hollow2351d ago

Do you people really think that sony will release it in 2014??
No way!! First they wont let nintendo or microsoft get a huge lead on them.
Secondly, the vita will release next month!! It will have so much room before the ps3 release in early 2013.

GribbleGrunger2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

look, people really must stop thinking like console gamers and start thinking like a hardware company. Sony do not consider themselves in a race. they are in this business to make money.

with Vita and the PS3 (and to some degree the PSP and PS2), Sony can continue to make money without further investment for a while. the only real competition for next gen is MS. Nintendo are entering the HD generation for the first time this year. as far as the HD generation is concerned they're years behind PS3 and the 360.

both Sony and MS are trying to extend the life beyond the ten years and i mean that in the sense that they also want the crossover to come later too. MS has Kinect and Sony has MOVE, 3D and now Vita (which will have more and more connectivity with the PS3).

Sony are in a better position here. with MOVE they have the WiiHD, with Vita they have 'potentially' a Wii-U and with an upgrade to the PSEye (they're working on a 3D camera) they have Kinect covered too

it could well be 2014 and it could even be only the reveal then

dark-hollow2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

"Sony do not consider themselves in a race. they are in this business to make money"
it is a race! having a lead on your competition is a smart business move.

"the only real competition for next gen is MS."
define "REAL" competition? if sony and ms didnt saw nintendo as a "real" competitor then why the invested hundred of millions for move and kinect, an obvious reaction to the motion gaming revolution that started by the wii?

"Sony are in a better position here. with MOVE they have the WiiHD, with Vita they have 'potentially' a Wii-U and with an upgrade to the PSEye (they're working on a 3D camera) they have Kinect covered too"
if developers didnt support much the move+ps3 combo which cost only about $280 together, how do you think they would support a combo that cost $500???
in theory, the ps vita can do what the wii u controller do, but how much demand, support this combo would get?? am sure %99 of the wii u games if not all of them gonna support the controller because that why they are designed for in the first place!! the vita/ps3 combo pretty much would be tacked on in some sony first party games and that pretty much it! sure i maybe wrong but it wont, in any way imaginable gonna compete with the wii u.

wii u is a next gen console wither you like it or not! the average gamer doesnt care about "REAL" next gen consoles or all that stuff. they see a new hot console with new games and they gonna flock for it, but what could make it worse for sony that if the wii u was actually powerful and have strong core/third party support. then it would not only snatch the casual market, but the hardcore too!!

sony will reveal the ps4 in late 2012 and release it on 2013.

a 2014 release is too far let alone a reveal!!!
mark my words...

sikbeta2351d ago

Said it before and saying it again, IF Sony launch in 2014 they're screwed, by that time Wii-U user-base will be in the millions, why they'd let their competition gain so much marketshare by let them be alone for so long, doesn't make sense...

DigitalRaptor2351d ago

Pretty much all of Sony's most anticipated exclusives would already be released by 2013 so it's viable, but since Vita needs room to breathe and Sony will already have cash flow from their other active platforms (PS2, PS3, PSP, Vita), it's hard to imagine that they need to release it yet.

2014 sounds more appropriate.

sikbeta2351d ago

I can understand that Sony can't launch or unveil a PS4 this year because that would kill the Vita, pretty much like the launch and total focus on the PS3 killed the PSP,so this year they'll try to push the Vita and one year later unveil the PS4 with a late 2013 release date would be a good strategy, if they wait too long, they'll not have any chance...

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2351d ago

I was hoping it would be announced this year but seeing as how they need to draw focus to the vita this year I doubt they'll hamper that by shifting focus to the ps4. Guess it won't be coming out til 2014. They could announce it late in the year but not at E3.

Abdou232351d ago

I'm sure both consoles will come out next year.

BlmThug2351d ago

Announcement early 2013 and release late 2013/ early 2014?

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