Nintendo Has the Kirby Franchise Headed Towards: Nowhere?

Mass Attack, Dreamland, Epic Yarn, Super Star, Squeak Squad, Adventure, Nightmare Land, Amazing Mirror, Crystal Shards, Air Ride, Pinball Land, Canvas Curse, Tilt ‘n Tumble, Dream Course, Avalanche, etc.

Where is Nintendo going with all this?

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pucpop2229d ago

squeak squad is the best kirby - i tried the new wii one but i didn't love it, so sticking with squeak: beep:

PopRocks3592228d ago

I don't agree. I absolutely loved Mass Attack, Epic Yarn and Return to Dreamland. They were wonderfully made games, if only brief ones. Epic Yarn had the new world, Mass Attack was unbearably cute and Return had the awesome coop. If you haven't tried these games, give them a swing soon!