GT 5 Prologue to have damage modeling in post-launch update?

In the newest episode of Garage 419, Alex Roy, had a chance to sit down with the inimitable director of Gran Turismo, Kazunori Yamauchi. The topics of conversation range from new cars, weather modeling, vehicle dynamics, plans for damage.

In the interview, Kazunori confirms that damage modeling will appear in Gran Turismo 5, and possibly in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue in a post-launch update.

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Sevir043901d ago

this confirms that GT5 will be 10/10 and every other sight will be hard pressed to give this game anything less ^^ i cant wait. and update that adds real damage modeling complements of the cell, it's a beast at physics.

TheExecutive3901d ago

It is a beast... in fact recent studies on the cell show that its capable of acting out a lot of GPU functions at the same time as processing those amazing physics...

Back on topic. I highly, and I mean highly doubt they will ever release a patch with damage in prologue. For one thing its dang near impossible to release a 'patch' that way, secondly they will save it for the final release.

ruibing3901d ago

If Famitsu gave this game an almost perfect score without damage, then I don't think they need to spend time trying to figure how to add it on for Prologue. Just concentrate on localizing the game for North America and Europe, finish up GT5 with damage modelling, and then give a discount for GT5 to all GT5 Prologue owners.

sonarus3901d ago

well i think they do need to get damage most especially into prologue. first of all prologue is a demo sort of a beta of sorts so gives them a chance to get fans reactions before the full release. They have stated they are already working on damage which i think is essential. GT is so immersively realistic sometimes when i am driving with wheel i forget am playing a game till someone breaks suddenly and i run into them at 180km/h and simply bump them off the road without taking damage. This has to be rectified for GT. Weather and night time are extremely welcome especially night time oooh. I jst love this era of video games the kinda updates we'll get for this game to keep us playing for yrs

TheExecutive3901d ago

seriously... how can a company add damage modeling post release? This seems a little odd to say the least.

NoUseMerc3901d ago

It's probably already built into the game model...its just that they are refining it, releasing it after.

TheExecutive3901d ago

Although I wish you were right, I dont see it happening.

Sevir043901d ago

one could say the same for warhawk with the drop ship and expanding of the maps that shipped with the game originally post launch to accomadate for the drop ship, or how they added online for the japanese motorstorm and Tekken on PSN... simply put, the code is there it's just a matter of putting it in, as of right now the most important thing for PD right njow is ensuring that the game releases on time and with Prologue being a taste of GT5, a post release to see how fans will enjoy it would be anything but bad for the PS fans who have been crying for such a thing. texture and deformation can easily be programed into a game that has the option. by the way Kaz talks about it it gives the nature that he and his team programed the game with this in mind, it's a flexable platform,

which is why epic has the PS3 version support mods. so a post update adding daage modeling is just rad. i mean look at it

think of damage modeling add on as you blowing the hell out of the drop ships in warhawk when they do... that was never iniatially apart of the game but it's there now.

peksi3901d ago

If you have a portion of code that handles collisions for example and you've made it so that it can be updated, what's stoppin' ya? It seems they have prepared for it.

But to add damage modeling to a final product with no preparations whatsoever is real hard core coding that no-one will volunteer for. I doubt this is the case here.

ddldave3901d ago

executive, calm down there buddy. i know microsoft lied to you so much that you feel insecure about everything microsoft says. since you were milked so much by big bad microsoft that you think GT5 crash damage won't happen, let me remind you this, sony isn't microsoft. and polyphony always gets it right. when they say they will do it, they will do it. it ain't microsoft buddy.

TheExecutive3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

Sevir... you may be right, but WHY would they? What cards would they pull out for the full release? To show your hand is foolish, but to show two cards is quite genius....

lol @ ddldave... you think I am an xbot? I dont even own an xbox nor would I until they release a piece of hardware that works correctly. Sorry pal but I wasnt freaking out either. In fact, I have no idea why you posted on my subject. I know polyphany will deliver, I too owned a PS and a PS2. I didnt say crash damage wouldnt happen. I just dont think it will happen with prologue.

I have more trust in DP than any other developer to date... that means a lot because I have been gaming since 1985. So dont assume sh*t you dont know, and most of all dont assume that I am a fanboy on either side. ok pal?

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NoUseMerc3901d ago

So it sounds like there will be damage modeling. He confirms it for GT5, and then hints at the possibility of an update post U.S. release that adds it.

TheExecutive3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

Since my computer sucks really really bad... i cant hear audio on it... did he actually say "there will be damage modeling" in the final release? Is it official?

Shadow Man3901d ago

and most likely weather affects and different types of day too

Danja3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

I don't see how damage will make a game like GT better..well atleast it will make online races more interesting but GT isn't about crashing into the I don't see why all of a sudden damage is so important...

if it wasn't for Forza and those xbots screaming ohh GT don't have damage so Forza is better this wouldn't be such a big deal...leave the crashing/damaging to Burnout and Midnight

but the more features the better eehh..?

titntin3901d ago

Glad to hear someone else picking up on this!

I've never missed Damage modelling. In games where damage has a significant impact on performance it dramatically changes how you race and approach the game.

Where it is simply cosmetic, it doesn't always look nice eiether. Its appropriate for some games and genres, but GT for me has always been about great sleek looking cars racing around great looking circuits. I don't want it to turn into a stock car racing event.

One of the things thats always made GT so much fun, is not having a fear of throwing it too fast into a corner and catching the barrier, it means you really can try and push and not get punished too bad! The great balancing, has meant for most corners on most tracks, you are far better off learning how to take the corner correctl to obtain maximum speed, so there a real incentive to learn correct racing, but no major punishment for being a little 'enthusiastic'. I hope the rush to embrace car damage will not lose what I have always considered to be real strengths of the series.

blu3print3901d ago

maybe there'll be an option to turn it off or on... that way preserving what u like about the game

Maddens Raiders3901d ago

.....sadly more than my own government. Whatever comes from the GT camp, I'll be there to enjoy it to the fullest.

games4fun3901d ago

it is sad they deliver more than the government on promises lol

TheExecutive3901d ago

hey maddens I know you will answer this truthfully... did he actually say there would be damage in the final game?

Rythrine3901d ago

I'll answer your questions since Maddens is probably busy playing Warhawk lolz. If by final game you mean GT5, well he didn't mention anything about it. All he said was GT5 prologue won't have damage out of the box but it will come through later updates.

Snukadaman3901d ago

blindly accept anything they are given....ahh well..figures since your a raiders cant even pick a decent team to get behind.

Filanime033901d ago

yup there will be damage, weather, and night but you will probably have to wait for an update for it. But some of this other features u have to wait for the final GT5.

Rybnik3901d ago

Actually, I think its MAY add in a future update, but GT5 proper, will have full damage.

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