What I Learned from Modern First-Person Shooters

The six things that Save and Quit have learned from first-person shooters to expect if WWIII were to break out tomorrow.

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scrambles2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

lol'd and ya all true. Maybe someday we wont soldiers who sit behind walls sucking our thumbs for about 10 seconds and all our wounds go away and gameplay will speed up back to CS or Quake days. Though tribes ascending does look amazing and very promising. Next gen FPS's could change it all if we get out of this Modern FPS shooter stage in gaming.

NarooN2377d ago

Agreed 100%. I only play CS, UT, and Quake when it comes to FPS nowadays, I'm sick of CoD. I can't wait to play CS: GO.

Modern War FPS needs to just die already.

scrambles2377d ago

Though i do believe tactical shooters do have their place. Not all shooters have to go at 500 mph.

Porkins4Life2377d ago

The only problem with CS is people are just so damn good at it. Making me look bad and shit :-)

h311rais3r2377d ago

There is a game on pc called tribes ascend coming out and it's 100% classic gameplay

NarooN2376d ago

I know, that's why I play Counter-Strike. One of the few decent tactical games out there. It doesn't reward people for any scrubbery like in CoD. If I die in CS, it's because I myself did something wrong, not because I was spawned in a retarded location or I got packed in the face by a missile from a drone in the sky, lol.