The Orange Box PS3 vs Xbox 360 HD Comparison Video

Video Comparison between PS3 and 360 Orange Boxes

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tony3902d ago

the framerate on the ps3 version is really bad.

games4fun3902d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

buying UT3 over this i suggest everyone do the same if you only own a ps3 also it only lags because THE PS3 IS QUICKSAVING DURING THE TIME IT STUTTERS THAT IS WHY what a pathetic piece of sh$t xbox fanboy thought it would be funny to start a flame war?

RudeSole Devil3902d ago

Why even release this game? Who at EA thought this would sell, and who the retard that allowed this to be released. Makes EA look like amateur developers.

Close_Second3902d ago

...would it be better to have not released it at all on the PS3?

You have to think about how many copies this would have sold on the PS3 even if the game engine had been optimised. Lets face it, there is a real issue with PS3 attach rates. I'm thinking EA did the math and projected that with or without a smooth framerate there was only so much profit to be made.

This is however a real shame. Half-Life 2 and the follow up episodes are brilliant but the choppy frame rate is a complete and utter put off. I wonder what Valve make of all of this - do they not care that their trademark franchise has been lost in translation?????

Statix3901d ago

Look in the corner, it says "QUICKSAVING...." The game is stuttering because it's saving your game. The framerate goes smooth again after the quicksaving is done.

Bombomb3901d ago

"You have to ask yourself...
...would it be better to have not released the PS3 at all, until it was ready?"

Anyhow a good question nevertheless..

nanometric3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

Agreed, I noticed the same thing, the only place where it frame drops was while it was quicksaving, after that it was a smooth ride

robep33901d ago

On this video the frame rate problem happens when on jet ski funny that the person playing pressed for a quicksave to be done! 360 version


AuburnTiger3901d ago

"Who at EA thought this would sell, and who the retard that allowed this to be released." Answer, Peter Moore....

JsonHenry3901d ago

The 360 version autosaves too. But they did not have to add that icon to make you feel better about the drop in frames per second.

lessthanmarcus3901d ago

Wow, if you have to squint in order to see differences then who cares. Half Life sucks anyway. It was cool back in 1999, but FPS have since changed. Driving a car, boat, and having a squad couldn't make that game any worse.

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chanto233902d ago

agreed...even though its not as bad as i thought it was after reading some of the main websites previews...

shrimpboat3902d ago

Agreed I expected it to be horrible on the PS3 because of all the negativity around this game. But after seeing that and a few other videos. I might get this game on the PS3 because I just beat Uncharted and COD4 and need a good single player game. I bought Unreal Tournament III today and I love this game but I mainly play it online.

sticky doja3901d ago

You need to get this game. I never played any half life games until I got the Orange Box for 360 and I have to say it is one of my favorite games. Everything is really well done as far as story and graphics. Plus you get Portal which is a really fun puzzle game and Team Fortess is pretty good mulitplayer.

From the looks of this vid the framerate should not deter anyone from a truly amazing game. If anything give it a rent first, but at least play 3 or 4 hours into HL2 before you give up on it. The story gets better and better the more you play.

sonarus3902d ago

i only noticed the framerate during the bike scene. 360 version is smooth thru out but frame rate only got bad on the water bike thing for ps3. visually they are almost the same but 360 has the upper hand. textures look better on 360 version IMO

games4fun3901d ago

that is why it stutters what a cheap shot who ever made this video

ElementX3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

Chalk up another game for the 360. I wish they did a quality job for you PS3 only people, though. I mean, Half Life 2 is one the the best games ever!

Meus Renaissance3902d ago

I thought the PS3 version had the slight upper hand when it came to the visuals; colours looked vibrant, particularly at the start of the video. Frame rate is an issue in that game however.

Grassroots3902d ago

I have to agree, I got it on my 360 bc I didn't want to wait, and the PS3 looks the slightest better in visual, yet in the most important factor it skipped in framerate. You can take away visual so the gameplay is silky smooth.

sniddles3902d ago

at the beginning was because the 360 was on the dark side whereas the PS3 was the left side where the SUN WAS SHINING...

man, no one else thought of that??

shrimpboat3902d ago

This game runs alot smoother than Mass Effect on the 360. Mass Effect has the worst Frame Rate and texture loading issues of any game I have ever played. If i can deal with that then I can deal with the Orange Box on the PS3.

TheSadTruth3902d ago

PS3-spin in effect

"Hey, the ps3 version looks better because the sun is shining on our side"

giovonni3901d ago

Mass effect does not have the worst frame rate issues. I've played that game through and through, and everything from the conversations, to gun fight battles are no frame rate issues. The only time I've seen a hint of frame rate issue was the auto save, which drum roll please... Is the same thing that's happening with HL2. a game with frame rate issues was oblivion for xbox360 now that's a game with frame rate issues, and the game was still incredible. Shrimpboat, let me ask you a question, would you by HL2 over Mass effect?

Cherchez La Ghost3901d ago

What kind of *&^t you're smoking?! Mass Effect has more load times, but frame rate issues?! Naa, bro!!

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