Love Has No Handicap - An Appeal to Try Katawa Shoujo

GP: "Indie game developers do what others won't. While the less-than-giant-but-still-pret ty-big companies such as Atlus release games like Catherine, they are met with much interest. Yes, many gamers love their annual releases of Call of Duty and Madden, but others are hungry to try something new. Despite this void in the market for truly 'different' games though it seems we only get them rarely. At least, that used to be the case.

Indie developers have been around as long as gaming has but only now are they finally getting some degree of serious attention. Even with indie groups having the power to basically create whatever they want though we still have voids in certain areas. It seems that neither big budget games nor indie titles have ever really delved into characters who are handicapped. That's what Katawa Shoujo is all about - and it makes some players apprehensive."

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