Divnich Divines: Do Japanese Vita sales spell trouble?

The PlayStation Vita will launch in key Western markets in a little over a month and so far the high-tech handheld has had a rough start in Japan. Sony announced at CES that it had sold 500,000 units since its December 17 launch, but over 324,000 of those were sold in the first week.

However, Japan has always had a notoriously different market than the West when it comes to game hardware and software. Is there any reason to believe that the present slow sales of the Vita in the East hint at a future sales disaster in the West?

EEDAR's Jesse Divnich doesn't think so.

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LOGICWINS2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

The 360 sells like crap in Japan but wips the floor with the competition in other territories. Japanese Vita sales only spell trouble for Japan.


"However, Japan has always had a notoriously different market than the West when it comes to game hardware and software."


Just because Monster Hunter sells like hotcakes in Japan doesn't mean its the same in the rest of the world. By this very same logic, just because Vita had underwhelming sales in Japan doesn't mean thats its "doomed" everywhere else.

Majin-vegeta2375d ago

Everyone should read it he's not bashing it.

Ddouble2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

PSP had a similar start to the Vita in Japan at the same price and has sold 17 Million to date in Japan. It's still selling well because of it's price point and games and that will slowly transfer to the Vita just like the DS to 3DS.

If you look at the preorder charts in Japan at the moment, the only vita games in it are Tales of Innocence and Persona 4. Once Japan starts getting more of the games they like the Vita will start selling better.

It's a different situation in the west though. Games like Uncharted, Fifa 12, Assasin's creed and COD will defintely help but at the Vita's current price sales won't explode but they will be steady.

The interest in the console is definitely there and that's what matters IMO. The 3DS really took off once it got Monster Hunter, both mario games and of course the price drop months after it's release.

With the Vita's lineup and capabilities we will probably massive sales during Black Friday and the holidays. Until then sales will be steady IMO.

brettyd2374d ago

the psvita is doomed topic is so last week...

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