New GT5 DLC lands Tuesday with Lamborghini and speed testing course

Most of us, in real life, must stay content with occasionally going 10 miles over the speed limit in our used 2004 Pontiac Sunfires. We'll never know the thrill of triple-digit speeds, or experience the bowel-shattering roar of an Italian V12 engine; the harsh reality of reality is precisely why games like Gran Turismo 5 exist.

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Colwyn2048d ago

buying this first minute. i'd like to buy it first second but i'd have to be refreshing the screen too much and i just havent got the time to be going back and forward. anyway, i cant wait for the ps vita

Dee_912048d ago

The track is 30km longests straight 12km.
Finally get to really see the top speed of the X2010 and 2011.
the full Nurb is 28km

n4gisatroll2048d ago

For real, its bigger than the Nurb? That's awesome.

NotSoSilentBob2048d ago

It is a fantasy track Pd made up.

Tony-A2048d ago

I put this game into my system feeling like I'm playing a new game every time. haha, I have so many cars now!

I think it's time I add a Lambo to my garage soon :)

2048d ago
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