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GamingUnion: "Upon hearing that Final Fantasy XIII-2 was getting a playable demo, I was ecstatic. Never before have I been able to download a Final Fantasy title to "try before I buy."

I can definitely see why Square Enix decided to make one for XIII-2 though, since the original was met with mixed feelings from fans and critics alike. Personally, I had a good time with Final Fantasy XIII, despite some of its obtuseness. Anyways, I checked out the demo for XIII-2 the other day, and here are my thoughts. (Note: I played the PS3 version of the demo.)"

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mephman2258d ago

I've been pleasantly surprised by this demo.

Although it's only a brief snapshot of the bigger picture, I think it bodes well.

Godmars2902258d ago

And it still fails in the same key point which made me lose interest in XIII: the story.

Half decent gameplay could ruin an RPG, but if the story isn't there the best game mechanics wont save it.

ShawnCollier2258d ago

Nice to see they let more people play the E3 demo.

Hardedge2258d ago

It's definitely much more enjoyable than XIII.

GamingTruth2258d ago

i never found any fault in ff13

Vortex3D2258d ago

I read from several sources that the gameplay improved, the story sucks or makes no sense. That seems to be consistent among different reviewers. Reviewers that said the gameplay is fixed or good said nothing about the story.

iamtehpwn2258d ago

The Story sucks from what I hear because of Time Paradoxes explaining everything and it can become extremely convoluted and at times silly.

At the same time, Time Traveling was sort of the only way to continue the story because Grand Pulse would pretty much just be wild nature land, and Cocoon is in a state of panic.

Vortex3D2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

That means the story really ended with XIII and Square is just making excuses to make a XIII-2. To me a good story is more important than the gameplay. Time travel is the lamest excuse to justify a sequel.

I'm a fan of XIII but the more I read about XIII-2 bad story, the less I'm interested. I don't care how good the gameplay is with a good story.

I also read XIII-2 is open ending for potential more sequels. Way a way to continue milking XIII.

Godmars2902258d ago

While there was certainly more story to tell, Snow and Serah's relationship, the people of Cocoon making new lives on Pulse, what role if any Lightening would play in all that as a defacto "Chosen One", none of it would have properly fit within the confines of an "Epic" RPG.

Nevermind that XIII's basic premise of a "war" between Cocoon and Pulse was ruined by all the people on Pulse being effectively killed.

CLOUD19832258d ago

I cant w8 for this sh1t to be released and flop like the JP versions did, after that we can finally get the longest FF in production, Versus.
I hope we can play it before the end of the world SE tards finish it already because THE END is near!

BillytheAlien2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )


Square have hardly improved on anything, the demo was more of less the same as FF13. Same terriable battle system, characters, voice acting, story....I mean with how bad FF13 was anything could be counted as an improvment, hell I bet they took the best bit out of the game and used it for the demo to get peoples hopes up. Anyway it will be the same people commenting on here defending the crap out of this game while the real FF fans will be waiting for Versus, there not screwing us over with a crap FF game again.

EDIT: @GamingTruth

The ones waiting for Versus istead of buying into this crap when it's obvious it's just Sqaure trying to make a quick buck and delay Versus longer.

Capt-FuzzyPants2258d ago

I'm actually waiting for Versus and plan on buying 13-2. I'm pretty sure this isn't delaying Versus.

Bundi2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Wonder why people think the sun will rise out of Versus 13's ass. My only hope is that it remains exclusive and turns out like the others just so that people can finally see that being exclusive to ps3 does not change much. . .just look at SOCOM 4.
"real ff fans". . .Oh my goodness. The retarded level of retardation in your retarded comment is just retarded!

KeybladeMaster2258d ago

I just imported my copy of XIII-2 about a week and a half ago. I can say with confidence that the game itself is slightly better than XIII in terms of battle mechanics. When it comes to story (which is the most important in a Final Fantasy game to me) it's worse than XIII and for me that is hard to belielive that they couldn't come up with a more interesting story.

The characters are okay, better than XIII at some points but it's still not Final Fantasy quality characters.

All in all it's not much of an improvement but there are some improvements. If you didn't like XIII you're not going to find much more enjoyment in this game. For those that liked XIII I would say wait until it goes down in price a bit.

KeybladeMaster2258d ago

Looks like we have ourselves a phantom person who disagrees with anyone who doesn't like XIII-2. Please give me a reasoning why you disagreed with me. Is it because I said something bad about a game you haven't played yet? I really want to know. I played the game and I am guessing the person who disagreed did not.

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