Minecraft Hits 20 Million Users

The story of Minecraft is an amazing one, it’s the story of an indie developers rise to meteoric heights. Since it’s first appearance in 2009 the game has become a cultural phenomenon unto itself, hitting all aspects of pop culture. Today We’re pleased to announce that the game has hit 20 million registered users!

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Mastarace2321d ago

yea i laugh at those kids. They actually know that isn't true but they are so jealous that they try and find any old argument they can since there isn't that much flaws for pc gaming.

just_looken2320d ago

its a casual mmo/building game that looks like a ps1 game if this is proof that pc gameing is safe then i better dusr my 03rig off for the next wave of hardcore games lol.

Tony-A2321d ago

Good stuff! I'm not into the game much myself, but I can see the appeal.

mcstorm2321d ago

I agree wih you on this. But it also goes to show that gaming is not all about the graphics its about the experience when playing the game.

ziggurcat2321d ago

20 million users? more like 20 million... *losers*


News4Noobs-2321d ago

Dont get me wrong... I'm not hating on pc fans/game, but I still don't the point of that game? I mean if you think about it, it is pretty stupid just putting blocks and creating random things -_-

But oh well on pc Any game can so popular that not even the best game on a console would ever get

IQUITN4G2321d ago

Yeah but you can apply that argument to anything can't you. Life for example is pretty pointless if you look at it a certain way. Crafting your own worlds in Minecraft can be incredibly fun but for reasons that don't seem to appeal to you is all

lugia 40002321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

The power of the PC is to be used on Battlefield 3, CSS, Starcraft and Crysis, not crap like legoland, I still dont get it.

Perjoss2321d ago

It's funny that the games you mentioned do not even put any strain on a modern PC.

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