Why Dedicated Handhelds Must Acknowledge Mobile Gaming to Survive

"The word around the industry is that the dedicated handheld market is going the way of the dinosaur. With the prominent rise of mobile gaming, many feel that there is no longer a market for devices such as the 3DS or the PS Vita. But what the majority of these critics, analysts, and yes, even fellow journalists are failing to realize, is that mobile gaming has never set their sights on the audience that dedicated handhelds catered to, until now that is." - JPS

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ps3dude442350d ago

because angry birds is so innovative and amazing! /s

Urrakia342350d ago

Bottom line is that it's fun. Just saying.

ps3dude442350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

yeah i know, the more simple something is the more of a target it attracts i suppose. ( not saying its not fun because it is) i just wish other games had as much as exposure. ;)

specialguest2350d ago

The article isn't your typical view of mobile game surpassing handhelds. The writer makes the statement that mobile games and handhelds are two different markets. He also states that if the industry allows the unregulated mobile market to blend in with the handheld market inevitably blurring the line of distinction, it could lead to a 3rd video game crash.

ps3dude442350d ago

yeah, the author has some nicely put points there and in a way i can see this happening. and i would call mobile gaming an app market respectively and handheld gaming exactly that, handheld gaming. 2 different markets.

Bundi2350d ago

I don't play games to feel innovated, I play for fun. Remember fun?

DonaldBeck2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

battlefield 1943 was fun, but its good to innovate from time to time,example: battlefield 3! ps3dude44 has a point.

Coltrane_C2350d ago

Isn't Sony doing that by Making PlayStation Certified Phones

metsgaming2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

Sony has acknowledge it by

1. Ps Suite
2. Vita is touchscreen and UI is similar to those devices
3. All games downloadable
4. Pricing where small games get small prices and large ones get bigger prices.

Tony-A2350d ago

Speaking of tactics, it was pretty smart of Sony to include some free mini-games using AR for the Vita's launch in the rest of the world.

I really wish Sony would get better with showing off what their products can do. When it comes to America, they need a different commercial showcasing a specific feature, how it works and why it's cool.

commercial 1 - *feature* *what it's for* *why is it necessary* *why it sets the Vita apart from anything else*

It's that style of "show and tell" marketing that works in this country. Apple executes it that same way. That's how you know what Siri, FaceTime and all that other crap is. Even if it's a feature that other products have, they make it seem like something completely new.

GraveLord2350d ago

Sony is acknowledging it with Playstation Suite which is supposed to be coming to Vita.

LeBronista2350d ago

PlayStation Minis guys? Angry Birds? Zenonia? Age of Zombies? And Sony is also releasing Great Little War Game on the PSV.

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