The Last of Us: New Gameplay Details

Today new details on the game’s gameplay have been shared & it is sounding like The Last of Us will deliver an experience that is quite the departure from Uncharted.

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Valenka2319d ago

WHOA those details are SO exciting. /sarcasm Stupid Examiner, getting me excited for nothing.

Abash2319d ago

Still pretty good details, Im dying to play this game

lociefer2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

not new per say, they actually were a given with the screenshots / artwork

ABizzel12318d ago

Not that it needs it, but to me there is a small chance of adding multiplayer to this game if they do something like Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City + Horde Mode.

They could have a large open map, and have no more than 8 or so players try to survive a wave of infected, as well as trying to survive against each other.

Since it's a new IP we know thwy're focusing completely on story and I personally appreciate that. But multiplayer is a seller in this generation, so a fresh and original take on the normal multiplayer will give people a reason to buy it if the single player alone isn't enough (which it should be).

Dante1122319d ago

Yeah, these details are kinda old.

Max Power2319d ago

What are the details so I can save a hit?

DFogz2319d ago

@Max Power - Ammo is scare, probably not a lot of gunfights, and occasionally you'll have to help each other.

Bioshocking2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Im wondering how the balance will work in this game.

Its not linear, but not open world.... So exactly how will it play?


God everytime I see this game, I just want to know more!

Now... we wait for J-Blaze to make a troll comment

Saladfax2319d ago

My guess is it'll be sort of a semi-linear sprawl. Think classic FPS where there was a particular destination, but you could explore around and find different things, such as the health pack you desperately need to tackle the next section =o

PS3ROCKS2319d ago

-Not as linear as the Uncharted games but not open world, you can choose to go into places such as a coffee shop but its optional

-Ammo is in short supply, so don't expect shootouts like in uncharted.

-There will be situations where you have to help the other, but not in an obvious way.

DigitalRaptor2319d ago

Those details confirm to me that this is going to be something special.

Not relying on constant action and more on storytelling and character development is something that gets me excited especially in an ocean full of games that focus on shooting.

Virtual_Reality2319d ago

The Coop mode is going to be intense.

chaldo2319d ago

I think they said there will be no co-op.

soundslike2319d ago

pretty sure it was a troll...

SnowBlu2319d ago

awesome screenshots

i hope the in game cutscenes look good as the cgi trailer

mll092318d ago

*in game engine with touched up effects

That's how ND roll

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The story is too old to be commented.