PSX Extreme Review: Unreal Tournament 3

"At 720p and an absolutely consistent 30 frames per second, Unreal Tournament III runs buttery smooth. And while some may have hoped for a higher resolution or higher framerate, once you see the caliber of textures displayed in the game, you'll settle for nothing less. Unreal Tournament III is just a downright beauty to behold. In addition to Sony's very own Uncharted, Unreal Tournament III sits way up high as one of the very best looking games for the PlayStation 3. In fact, it may be the best looking first person shooter available between the two powerhouse consoles."

veridict: 9.5

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Sevir043788d ago

i'm really try hard to hold off because i need time to save for the 2008 blitz with PS3 games but this is making not walking into game stop a hard thing to do. i seriously wanna have an online blitz but gosh i've got enough games and all i wanna do is just finish the ones i have just beat ratchet, and COD4, and folklore. and now i need time to finish uncharted.
and i still have 4 more guys to kill in assassin's creed, and of course i'm knee deep in my rented mass effect for my best friends 360... too much games and soo freaking little time.

TANOD3788d ago

PS3 is on a roll here

3 AAAs in a row...UT3,UNCHARTED and R&C

lynx1halo3788d ago


Doppy3788d ago

You don't have to wait. Sony pushed back all of it's major PS3 titles like Killzone 2, Little Big Planet, and MGS4 until after March 2008 (when Sony's 2008 financial period starts). Therefore, you can go out and buy UT3.

Don't believe me check .

Mercutio3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Man, Im liking it more and more! (P.S) I need Bubbles you guys, bots took them away(secretly and cowardly) after i said my Xbox RROD one me!

''it may be the best looking first person shooter available between the two powerhouse consoles."

There you have it XBOTS!

solidt123788d ago

bubbles for you man. i got the game as soon as the guy in Gamestop unboxed it today and immediately cranked it up when I got home. Very pretty game, fast paced fun. This is my first UT game and I really love the fast paced shooting action. It is unlike any other shooter I have played yet. Very pick up and play. I will be playing this game off and on for years to come.

Texas GMR3788d ago

There's so much emphasis on 1080p these days that people miss the point of what makes a game good. Some 1080p games don't even look and play as good as 720p. Glad it's turned out good.

mrlakadaddy3788d ago

i cant wait for this game

Killjoy30003788d ago

ok heres the only christmas present i can give you. bubbles lol give me some too!!!

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arika3788d ago

ut3 is the best fps around
better than halo 3
better than bioshock
better than cod 4
triple A all the way!
nuff said!

sheng long3788d ago

Better than Halo 3?... YES
Better than bioshock... No. but you can't really compare, although the same genre, the developers concentrate on different things. multi vs Single player
Better than COD4... i don't know about better, but to me it's more fun. I like that style of gameplay more.

Omegasyde3788d ago

and yet you guys say this is better than cod4....when half of the people out there are going to be pissed off once they realize that this is a 1 player game with online multiplayer only.

Xanatos3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

COD 4 doesnt have coop or online split screen multiplayer either so i dont get what you are trying to say.

Omegasyde3788d ago

Cod4 does have splitscreen multiplayer offline. 4 players in fact.

There is a 20+ page thread going about how people are talking about it on the official UT3 site. Here is the link if you do not believe me:


Alot, and I mean alot, of people were expecting it since Epic before stated that Co-op and offline multiplayer was going to be in the game in early November and at E3 2007. Mark Rein even stated that would be the the substantial difference between the PC version and the PS3 version.

HungPHAT3788d ago

Better than HALO 3 Yes , Bioshock COD4 Ah NO I Don't think so !

Xanatos3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Yea you are right i got it today and it has no split screen whatsoever, split screen coop online would be awesome hope it gets implemented, split screen online would be even better.

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games4fun3788d ago

cant wait to go pick it up

Milkman5413788d ago

I wasn't gonna get this game. I've just beat R&C and almost done with Uncharted...I play Warhawk and COD4 online...but I think I might set Warhawk aside for awhile and pick this up. There is a little game slump for a little awhile now away so I will have time for all my game finally...

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