Coming out against SOPA now is simply karma whoring

DigitalBattle: "To be against SOPA today is like saying ‘I’m against dictatorship’. Where were all these developers like Bungie and Epic when SOPA was first introduced?"

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dark-hollow2233d ago

Almost all publishers that have online passes support SOPA.
just tells you about their intentions.

PirateThom2233d ago

But so do a number of publishers who don't use online passes... so it doesn't really tell you anything.

Derekvinyard132232d ago

i bought skyrim on is pirating it. i support these guys insted my money was stolen

JsonHenry2233d ago

Good article. Most of SOPA was drafted with help by the same companies that now are (saying they are) against it.

AKS2233d ago

The shifting position of GoDaddy was particularly interesting. They did a complete 180.

I hope most of you are also aware of something that DID pass that's far more dangerous than SOPA, the NDAA provisions that allow indefinite detention without formal charge or legal representation. That needs to be rolled back as quickly as possible. I'm hopeful that the ACLU can successfully fight it in court.

kaveti66162233d ago

Few people know that Obama signed the the NDAA bill on December 31st because there was a nationwaide media blackout on the event. No major media outlet - not Fox, not CNN, not MSNBC, not the New York Times or the LA Times, or the Daily News - NOBODY reported on it.

That tells you something about who controls the media. This SOPA bill is terrible, but compared to the NDAA it's nothing. We can survive without sharing pictures and having avatars and listening to music on youtube, but the idea that the FBI, CIA or even the state and local authorities can now arrest you and detain you for as long as they please without a speedy trial, without the proper due process of law, is unconstitutional. And somehow, the news channels think it's more important for us to know about firefighters saving puppies that fell down wells than it is for the public to be informed that their rights are being chipped away without their consent.

Jormungandr2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

wait what? We can survive without free speech? Since when? NDAA is just as bad for sure but I would argue that it is not worse. It might have a higher "intensity" but it have a much much smaller "scope." SOPA will effect every one, globally even, NDAA will effect a a few hundred people, most of which actually will be guilty.

Don't get me wrong NDAA needs to be stopped, guilty or not due process is not something that should ever be co-opted and there should never be such a thing as acceptable loses or collateral damage where the legal system is concerned... but if SOPA was already in effect you might not even know the NDAA exists. It was the news sources online that broke that news when the major outlets did not. The same online news sources that SOPA would allow the government to censor.

Think carefully about that before you say SOPA is no more important than sharing some pictures and music online.

AKS2233d ago


I fully agree that the SOPA is extremely dangerous as well, although I think it's going to be much more difficult to pass considering very powerful companies would be hurt by it, and they have lots of money and will fight it. The NDAA, on the other hand, is a different sort of issue that is tougher to fight. Hardly anyone in the US knows about it, and we just have the ACLU and a few civil rights groups trying to fight it. I hope we can put a stop to this insane law. It's the worst I've seen in my lifetime. It's the type of law I'd expect to see in North Korea, not the US. I hope people start waking up to what's happening here.

kaveti66162233d ago

At the end of day, the content that could land you in trouble under the SOPA law has been created by someone else. If you share a photo or a screenshot of a game without permission, you get in trouble, your site gets shut down.

Now look at the NDAA. You speak YOUR mind, you say something against the US government, and they can send you to jail for suspected terrorism and deny you the right to a lawyer, to a speedy trial. That's why NDAA is more important. It affects everyone, not just a few hundred people. And more importantly, our judicial system was founded upon the idea that it was better to let 100 hundred guilty men go free than to send an innocent man to jail. The NDAA makes it so that innocent men and women can be sent to jail for an indefinite period of time just because the government thinks they're terrorists. There are several examples where this has happened recently because of the Patriot Act.

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Dits2233d ago

But if we say were against it and it goes through then they cant blame us

soundslike2233d ago

I say leave this type of discussion till after SOPA is dead.

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth and all that...

Rearden2233d ago

Gift horse in the mouth? Never heard that one.

Kushan2233d ago

Well it's an actual phrase, although it's a tiny bit out of place here: Its a real phrase, quite an old one.

Baka-akaB2233d ago

Who cares if it's sheer hypocrisy , opportunism or sheep mentality ... those are companies you can't always expect anything but their bottom line being important .

Now the problem is truly with companies that claims they are against , but still hold memberships to associations that endorse the thing as a whole

Jormungandr2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

the problem isn't what the companies are doing or the hypocrisy of it. The problem is that it's WORKING. People are gushing over this company or that company because it (finally) jumped on the bandwagon.

Like you said a company, as a rule, can only be expected to do what improves their bottom line the most. The problem is very few people seem understand that and instead try to treat companies like people with morals.

admiralvic2233d ago

Maybe I am being too nice to companies, but when I join something like the ESA I would assume they were working in our best interest. Do you really believe they join a grouping for these issues AND still read what they're about in every situation?

I believe people are backing out because people are making it clear how they feel. While not every company is taking the "noble" route, though some I am sure were simply informed of it by this media.

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