Amy (XBLA) Brutal Gamer Review

Brutal Gamer writes:

There is an interesting gameplay idea in AMY but it is buried under a lackluster story, poor voice acting, terrible presentation, clunky controls, broken gameplay elements, and the worst save system since NES-era video games required players to write down long confusing codes (is that a "0" or a "O"?) to save their progress.

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Godmars2902349d ago

Keep feeling that Amy is getting bumped for trying to be a non-standard zombie title, from critics who wanted a standard zombie title.

Trenta272349d ago

I tried it not knowing what it was. I didn't see any gameplay footage or anything. Dumb mistake on my part. I wish I never bought it...

Tanir2349d ago

godmars, the game is horrible :/. like complete trash, slow clunky, badly thought out, un polished, low budget, it has nothing going for it except that people were hoping it was gonna be good

cpayne932349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Most people who have played it hate it. I think it might be possible that sites hyped this game up for hits, made it seem better and more interesting than it really is. Then they give it deserving reviews because that has even more shock value, somebody sees a game they thought would be amazing get a 2 and you want to read it, to see why. All for hits, I could be wrong though. I hope I'm wrong, that would be a lot of journalists who used that tactic.

thrashermario2349d ago

id rather play quatum theory

KidMakeshift2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

I wonder if the game is going to get the Hydrophobia treatment?

Hopefully the developers go back to it and fix the performance issues. At least that would make it somewhat playable.