Nintendo Power: How Wii U Can Continue The Revolution

Observations and speculations on how Wii U can sustain the gaming revolution the original Wii started. Full analysis by John "Black Luigi" Lucas.

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Colwyn2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

what revolution? the wii is good for some games but most of the time inaccurate for most. i see the wii u having a harder time than the wii. the wiis success was due to a lot of special circumstances. the wii was launched at a time when it was the cheapest new console on the market where it costed 3 times less than a ps3 and 2 times less than an xbox 360 in a majority of the gaming market. the brilliance of the wii also was and is a curse and a blessing at the same time where the casuals love it but most hardcore hates it and it is more evident after the novelty have worn off. the wiimote isnt too accurate and morely relies on gestures but the casuals dont mind because theyre having fun and the hardcore sees that point soon after which is why the wii is in the situation it is now. sales are way down, hardcore games dont sell on the wii but the stern fanboys still bite. the wii motion plus was brought into the mix to make the wii a bit more accurate which was a great indicator to the fans that the wiimote is inaccurate upsetting a lot of fans knowing that the system was incomplete from the start. the 3ds will be going the same route showing that a nintendo device is once again incomplete because of the lack of a second slide pad needed to play most games.

i see the wii u going the same path of being an incomplete system because the controller isnt ergonomically made for comfort and doesnt seem good for long periods of gaming

Shok2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

"Blah blah blah I want my Daulshock 4. Innovation? Who needs it!?"

"the controller isnt ergonomically made for comfort and doesnt seem good for long periods of gaming"

If you would READ, you know, do some RESEARCH, then you'd know the controller is comfortable to hold and even light-weight. But no, f course you wouldn't know that because fanboys haven't done any looking into the matter past the E3 conference.

And stop making excuses. The Wii won because it had the most mass-market appeal. It's as simple as that.

Tanir2378d ago

Ooooh stfu Shok,

looks like nintendo has you Whooped because your defending a console that is 6 years late, will have no games except games that are on other consoles, Massive stupid gimmicky controller that will be stupid expensive to replace and just has a bunch of problems already, even devs are having trouble with it.

besides your whole DS4 complaint crap is void because the controller works great, try using a wii controller for anything action oriented, it fails, even for most games not made by nintendo it fails.

Tsunoku vs capcom is made so difficult to play with those dumb controls your forced to buy a classic.

if the wii-u would have an advanced version of its classic controller as a standard controller i wouldn't mind that the console is so late.

Shok2378d ago


"because your defending a console that is 6 years late"

Um, no sir. 6 years ago, console generally weren't doing NATIVE 1080p and 60 fps. This belief that the Wii U is only AS powerful as the 360 and PS3 is a false delusion you fanboys concocted lol. Many devs like Crytek and EA said that it's a real next-gen system.

If you're going to argue with devs then go ahead and look foolish lol.

Hisiru2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Another day, another disagree for Colwyn, the super troll fanboy machine.

As much as I prefer conventional controls (I am more like a nes 8 bits player), the Wii U will probably sell better than any other competitor just like the DS did, Wii did and the 3DS is doing.

Do you know why? As much as you don't like it, the Nintendo franchises are extremely popular and Nintendo is really trying to improve overall gameplay delivering something different.

PopRocks3592378d ago


To be fair, rumors have suggested that the WiiU will be more powerful than the PS3 (which was technically more powerful than the 360, just difficult to develop for). The question is by how much.

Some have said not a great deal and others have said the amount is significant. So no matter what, it WILL be better than what we have out now.

I truly think core gamers should at least TRY the Wii U before they judge it.

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johnlucas2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

What Revolution? The Revolution that forced Microsoft to go Kinect & Sony to make that Move. The Revolution that had people who would never videogames start to play videogames. The Revolution which dismantled the graphics race & relegated HD to a trite marketing point. The Revolution which single handedly kept the videogame industry from crashing due to revenue Wii & DS was bringing in. The Revolution which changed the game forever & changed the way we play.

Wii's success was solely because Nintendo used foresight & insight to see what was going wrong in the videogame industry. DS was the litmus test for Wii. And everybody thought DS would be destroyed by the PSP. On paper anyone would think that. But Nintendo was smart & knew how to position their system to an untapped unserved market. They ALSO knew how to resurrect the players who left gaming behind. Who was thinking about making brain games in 2003? Not Sony. Touch Generations touched generations & Nintendo had the first signs that they were headed in the right direction.

Nintendo knew controls were getting convoluted. They started the gamepad we know today in 1983. They started that 'gamepad in palms, controlled by thumbs' format with the Famicom/NES. They also started most of the evolutions of that standard through the SNES, N64, & even Gamecube through the functionally wireless Wavebird. But all those buttons & sticks were too much for those not grounded in the gaming world. It was prohibitive to new players.

In comes the game-changing Wiimote. It could be anything & everything all in one simple design. You had the old control in 2 ways. Turn it to the side & it's the NES all over again. Add a nunchuk & it's what I call the 'broken plank' style. Like you took the original game plank (controller) & broke it in 2 so both hands can be relaxed at your side during play.

Wiimote was a light gun, a traditional control, & a motion control all at once. So many uses could come from such a design. And Wii also changed gaming interface. The Wii Menu layout has been co-opted by so many electronics designers. Console size & power usage were also a factor in its success. The console did so many things right that it outpaced every record the PS2 ever made. PS2 being the best-selling home console of all time. To do all this, to price it the cheapest of the 3 competitors, & to make profit from day one shows Nintendo's detailed planning.

Wii only stopped because Nintendo stopped it. They stopped the console prematurely. They stopped pushing for the Revolution on the Wii front. And my article gives a vision to how Nintendo can have Wii U continue Wii's work.

I have been floored at Nintendo's decision to stop Wii before its time & there must be some kind of plan behind this. If Wii U is put out to slow down Apple's gaming aims as well as pick up the remnants that Wii couldn't quite get from the 360 & PS3 (due to 3rd party obstruction), then it all makes sense.

Hardcore? I wrote an article about that self-proclaimed group over 3 years ago (The Hardcore Casualty). The "hardcore" missed the point & that's why after 6 years the 360 still can't top where the PS2 was in 6 years of its life. Much less the PS3. Both are around 60 million in worldwide sales. Microsoft & Sony were not paying attention to where gaming was headed & they're spending the rest of this generation trying to catch up & get enough returns for their R&D investments.

Whatever Nintendo does they cannot, they MUST not throw away what they achieved with Wii. Wii U must continue & improve upon what the original Wii started. I hope the lessons from the recently-saved 3DS shows them what they need to do.
John Lucas

Knushwood Butt2378d ago

'Nintendo knew controls were getting convoluted.'.

Convoluted sounds like a description of the Wii U controller.

yabhero2378d ago

"i see the wii u going the same path of being an incomplete system because the controller isnt ergonomically made for comfort and doesnt seem good for long periods of gaming"
You sound like you designed it... also you've obviously not read and article from ANYONE at CES/E3... everyone said it was smaller than expected and very comfortable to hold... I've seen some of your other comments, troll. You miss out on a lot.

Titanz2378d ago

Sony must have one heck of a schlong, cause you keep riding it.

Colwyn2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

" This belief that the Wii U is only AS powerful as the 360 and PS3 is a false delusion you fanboys concocted lol. Many devs like Crytek and EA said that it's a real next-gen system"

i remember a lot of developers saying that the nes 3ds is as powerful as a ps3 and xbox 360. so powerful infact that they claimed they didn't need to change game engines in order to suit the 3ds hardware. this is merely proof that developers aren't always a reliable resource. you, sir, are a sheep. if you are truly a nintendo fan you would know from previous track records that nintendo releases inferior hardware in comparison to sony products technologically speaking. the n64 was released 2 years AFTER the ps1 and needed upgraded RAM to play the decent games. it also used cartridges which was inferior to the CD format. the gamecube was released 1 year after the ps2 and lacked DVD playback and sufficient media storage for most games. the wii has shoddy control scheme, lacks sufficient media storage, proper online infrastructure, and quality game library for the core and hardcore gamers. the 3ds is as powerful as a 7 year old psp. a sheep like you believes that after knowing about nintendos track record they would release anything that would be seen as a viable technological upgrade for its time. the wii u isnt even planned to have dvd playback or blu ray playback which is just ridiculous

Shok2378d ago

You're talking PRO-SONY, and ANTI-NINTENDO, on freakin N4G, and you manage to get 4 disagrees and 0 agrees.

You have to be flat out STUPID to accomplish that LOL! That's all I gotta say, no need to refute your foolish arguments.

johnlucas2378d ago

Um, small thing, Colwyn. The videogame business is an ENTERTAINMENT business. Not a technology business.
It is an entertainment business that makes USE of technology, yes, but it is still an entertainment business.

In the entire history of game consoles, it has usually been the WEAKEST console that ends up winning the race.

PS2 weaker than Gamecube & XBox.
PS1 weaker than N64 & dual-core Saturn.
Genesis being weaker than SNES gave Nintendo a run for its money for awhile.
NES weaker than Sega Master System.
Atari 2600 weaker than Intellivision.

And the biggest examples go to the handheld fights.
DS weaker than PSP.
Game Boy MUCH weaker than Atari Lynx & Sega Game Gear.
And soon, 3DS weaker than Vita.

Don't get so caught up in technology when it comes to gaming consoles. Consoles by their design are not, have never been, & never will be the cutting edge of technological power.

Their aim is to be 'good enough' & deliver gaming entertainment for masses to enjoy.
This is not, I repeat, is not a technology bsuiness. It's an entertainment business.
John Lucas

Khordchange2378d ago

That was one of the worst written articles I have ever seen

Pikajew2378d ago

If Sony made the Wii U all the people on N4G who hate it will think its the best console ever

Venox20082378d ago

yes, that's true and we would see 20 articles with many agrees that it is... but since this is Nintendo's console, there we'll see many hate..

MoreRPG2378d ago

i couldn't say it better.
i gotta say that the Wii change the way people play games but it lack the support most of the big third multiplatform titles. with the new console all they need to do is make new ip and an online experience thats on par with that of the PS3 and Xbox360

Ck1x2378d ago

Have to agree with u here! I have a friend at work that use to always bash people that plays the wii but he went out and bought the move though...

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