Don’t Worry, Consoles, Physical Media And Handheld’s Aren’t Going Anywhere

TheCrapgamer of writes:
It seems like there is a lot of negativity and doubt going on in the gaming industry at the moment. I personally don’t understand it, but I would like to put in my two cents on some of the subjects. It seems anyone can be an expert on the gaming industry these days, so being that I actually review games and write opinion pieces on games, I might be a bit overqualified. We’ve heard everything from the rumor mill, from consoles are about to die out, physical media is a thing of the past, even the handheld market is apparently nothing but doom and gloom. The way the so-called experts are making it sound, were heading for a worse video game crash then the one in the 1980′s. Fear not, I’m here to guide you through some of this thick cow dung and we’ll sort out some of the fact from fiction.

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Colwyn2195d ago

this article is silly because consoles,handehelds and physical media are going to go in my living room

GribbleGrunger2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

these articles are written by unimaginative plagiarists. surely there must be some writers out there who can conjure something unique? I'm willing to invest time and effort into trying to understand or appreciate the more left-field concepts just for a change, but this repetition is shrivelling brain cells on a daily basis. is this what all arguments have become: either for or against? an argument, by the way, that was manufactured in the first place.