MLB 12 The Show graphics on PS Vita is “comparable” to PS3 version, says Sony

Sony admits MLB 12 The Show doesn't look AS good as the PS3 version, but it is definitely "comparable".

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nevin12109d ago

The PSP version looked good.

Colwyn2109d ago

well the ps vita is a sony product after all so its powerful.

MasterCornholio2109d ago

I know that the Vita isn't as powerful as the PS3 but it's powerful enough to provide similar experiences. Which is why I want one.


maniacmayhem2109d ago

The Vita's graphics are fantastic for a portable device. I had a chance to see it live in action and I was blown away by the graphics this device can put out.

KUV19772109d ago

Pong is also comparable to MLB2012 on PS3. It's not a fair comparison but totally doable.

KingOptimus7772109d ago

what makes you come to this conclusion