Postal 3 (PC) Review By Canadian Online Gamers

Before very recently, my only knowledge of the Postal series was of the first game, which was known for being heavily violent and controversial. So admitedly I do not have extensive experience with the Postal franchise. Nevertheless, I approached this game expecting something similar to Grand Theft Auto. Unfortunately, Postal 3 is anything but as this entry into the Postal series is dated, uninspired and simply unpleasant to play.

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YodaCracker2201d ago

At first I read it as "Portal 3 Review" and I thought WTF?

Ducky2201d ago

I read it as "Portal 2 Review"

Silly little brain making assumptions.

Cosmit2201d ago

Ha man I thought it said Portal 3 as well!

Young_ART2201d ago

no lie, i was skimming down the articles and thought the same thing lol

Play2Win2201d ago

me too ... Portal 3 haha

ThatEnglishDude2201d ago

"The controls are responsive, but more modern mechanics like cover are notably absent"
That's complete bollocks. Postal 3 does have a cover system. Granted, it's pretty useless but still...

I have this game and yeah it's not very good (although I do find Postal 2 funny and enjoyable) there is still some lol's to be had if you're into this kinda thing. So bad it's ALMOST good.

gamernova2201d ago

I was like portal 3?! Hahaha

SilentNegotiator2201d ago

I didn't even realize the game had released. It must have flown under the radar to avoid the shame.

h311rais3r2201d ago

So sad how they all think portal 3. This generations does not know anything before the ps3.........postal is a hilarious series. Old and sick minded but great. 3 maybe not but still...portal 3? Really?

DeadManMcCarthy2201d ago

Maybe because it was banned in most countries dude.

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