Battlefield 3 commo rose 2.0 to include "shitloads of recordings"

According to DICE, the new Commo Rose system for Battlefield 3 will be a complete overhaul, with "shitloads of new recordings with actors".

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Hufandpuf2193d ago

enemy spotted, enemy spotted, enemy spotted. Repeat until you turn off your speakers.

AusRogo2193d ago

Why is it called 'commo rose' anyway?

Pandamobile2193d ago

It's a comm(o)unication tool that's shaped like a compass rose.

AusRogo2193d ago

Ohhh I see now, cheers mate :)

3GenGames2193d ago

F2 F2! F2 F4! F2 F5! I had those spot command buttons for BF1942 memorized in the day, and can still recite them, since I have played it kinda recent. That game still is amazing. I miss when it was bigger, but oh well. DICE still makes great games on the same scale, so the fun with it is not lost. :D