Provocative Soul Calibur V Ad ‘Banned’ in the UK?

Namco Bandai Games Europe S.A.S. has revealed the English language version of the print advertisement for the forthcoming Soul Calibur V that grabbed many headlines earlier this week. Reportedly ‘banned’ in the UK, the advert depicts one of the series’ most established stars revealing much of her most famous assets.

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Optical_Matrix2353d ago

I've seen worse adverts on the tube and on buses. What on earth.

ThichQuangDuck2352d ago

I agree it is a silly add literally just showing boobs. Why is it so awkward for our society to talk about sex but so easy for us to glorify violence

Dark_Overlord2353d ago

"However, there has been no word on an official demand to cease use of the advert from any governing body, and so Electronic Theatre has can only conclude that the decision not to use the advertisement in british publications must have been an internal one"

IMO namco are doing it for the publicity, even bad publicity is still publicity