$679 i5-2500 Hardcore Gaming Rig

Gamers Nexus: "Forget the Phenom CPUs, this gaming rig manages to cram in an i5-2500 (second only to the 2500k), a 6870, 8GB of memory, and an awesome case for only $679. A number of you have asked us to figure out how to pull off a budget i5 gaming PC, and with a bit of combo-swapping, we've done it."

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kewlrats2347d ago

That's a pretty damn good price for that heavy set up. My interest is piqued, since I only have a Mac right now.

Ranma12347d ago

I dont like PC gaming....cuz i cant imagine sitting in front of my monitor on a spinning chair playing games.

I also need a good controller.

TheGameFoxJTV2347d ago

I play on a 1080p 42 inch monitor and can use a mouse and keyboard/ or a controller at any time. I can even chose between rather I want t use my PS3 or 360 controller in a game. XD

kaveti66162347d ago

It's the year 2012. I'm trying to think how many years ago it was when your claim was true. I can't imagine it.

Lelldorianx2347d ago

I can't believe that only a few years ago, it was $100 for 4GB of memory... now it's $40 for 8GB.

Crazyglues2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

Yeah tell me about it, but that memory is ok the timing is 9-9-9-24 - I got 8GB but I'm at 7-8-7-20 and it's sweet..

so it's not bad but it's better to be a little faster I paid $54 or something like that for the 4GB -bought 2 of those, for a total of 8GB

System Specs...

-CPU- i7-2600k OC to 4.0
-Motherboard - ASUS P8P67 deluxe
-Memory - 8GB
-Graphics card- ATI 6970
-Hard drive - two (90GB Force GT SSD's in RAID-0 for OS)
-Hard Drive - two ( 2 TB Samsungs for storage)
-Case- SILVERSTONE Fortress Series FT02B

totallysane2347d ago

geez, got some money to burn do ya?

Crazyglues2347d ago

@ totallysane

LoL... not really, I did go a little over board with the SSD's in RAID-0 but that was before I understood that it was just fine with just one...(I thought I would need two to get really good speeds) - I only bought the SSD's recently.

Dam SSD is so dam fast, 2 was just over kill..

-But I figure these kind of systems (gaming rigs) tend to be a 5 year investment so I think i did pretty good, I was saving for a long time before I actually bought everything and put it together..

Like over 4 years, my last PC was a dell XPS which they don't even make anymore (the big blue case).. LoL

Use to play FarCry and F.E.A.R on that, and OMG I loved that game.. Fear was so awesome on PC when it first came out..

Online was the best..

CoD5112347d ago

Nah, is nothing compared to many hardware enthusiasts on various forums :p I've seen people drop $2100 on just GPUs.

h311rais3r2347d ago

I got pretty much same rig as you lol. Minus the extra hdd. I need more for making films. Just finished my latest and after YouTube upload the total file size of project folder was 28 gigs for a 4 minute film.

Lelldorianx2347d ago

What kind of memory? CAS Latency is affected heavily by other architecture -- timings will decrease as bandwidth increases.

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Velox2347d ago

Not bad , but I'm still waiting for hdd prices to come down.

C_Menz2347d ago

Just buy a decent 120gb SSD and then grab a HDD once prices come down in a few months.

Lelldorianx2347d ago

I'd recommend something similar (as I mentioned in the OP).

C_Menz is right -- you can get an 80GB MLC SSD for ~$80 right now (with discounts, of course). It'll write about 2.5x faster than high-end HDDs and read infinitely faster.

The obvious disadvantage is space allowance, but as long as you can get by on 80-120GB until HDD prices return to normal, you'll be good to go!

TheGOODKyle2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

I don't understand anything about this article so why am I commenting?!

urwifeminder2347d ago

With ati making the first pci 3.0 sandy bridge chips arnt compatible thinking of waiting for an ivy drop or the next set of chips to be made.

Lelldorianx2347d ago

You're definitely right on that - even PCI-e 2.X ports have greater bandwidth than current cards are using. The 3.0 option is really just for fun to brag about, it doesn't really increase the price... but you're right, if it did increase the price, either stick with PCI-e 2.x or wait for the IB drop.

urwifeminder2347d ago

True its not a deal breaker at this stage i just figure if i spend some cash i want to be ready for the next gen cards as it will make a difference eventually ,i guess i can just get a capable motherboard with 3.0 and upgrade chips down the track i was going to go i7 2600k .

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