Square Enix no longer makes me dream

It's a bit sad: Today I hear a news about FF, I say: Oh ....another FF.

Out a few years ago it was, "No! .. They make us drool .... why wait!"

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Yangus2234d ago


My favorite games:
Final Fantasy Tactics AWESOME
Chrono Cross!!!!!!!!
Dragon Quest VIII!!!


dorron2234d ago

Dragon Quest VIII: A masterpiece!!!

Godmars2902234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

I think the difference between Square and Square Enix was that where the former didn't care if hit one out of the park, often experimented and aimed projects at small groups, the latter expects a large following and only wants to make that following larger still while either forgetting the fundamentals, or no longer even aware of what those fundamentals were in the first place.

Heck, maybe Square should just step back from HD game development since that's where their problem seems to really be. Square JP anyway since Eidos managed with Deus Ex.

TheColbertinator2234d ago

Squaresoft would have laughed at the current Square Enix today.

The main Final Fantasy gets 8/10s instead of 10s like the past Final Fantasy games

Square Enix is too afraid of taking "risks" and making console games.Squaresoft made high production console games for breakfast,lunch and dinner all while keeping immense quality.

Square Enix has a game that sells past 2 million.Its not Final Fantasy,Dragon Quest or any other legendary franchise.Instead its Deus Ex HR,a western developed shooter RPG.

Truly shameful for Square Enix to show up anymore.

SolidGear32234d ago

My favorite Final Fantasy is XIII and VIII .. Don't care about any others and upcoming XIII-2 and Versus XIII