Ugliest Controller Ever is Perfect For Skyrim

GR - "Laugh at this beast all you want, but I can’t possibly think of anything else I want to play Skyrim with now, it’ll go great with my three wolf moon t-shirt and my sweet velvet painting of an eagle in flight."

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LackTrue4K2351d ago

that thing looks to be made of clay!!! "fug-ughy"

dark-hollow2351d ago

didnt know that the original xbox controller could get any uglier!

thats_just_prime2351d ago

its a ps3 controller learn to read.

beside being ugly the controller looks like it hurt your hands when you were playing

Twilightx72350d ago

Between "Calm yourself - Deal Extreme has you covered with this dragon Xbox controller", the fact that the controller layout is identical to a 360 controller, and that it's listed under the "PC Video Game Controller" section on the selling website, I'm pretty sure YOU need to learn to read, thats_just_prime.

radphil2350d ago


Quote right here on the first paragraph of the article:

"Calm yourself - Deal Extreme has you covered with this dragon Xbox controller."

Solid_Snake372350d ago

lol what? Its a xbox controller the D pad and analog stick are swapped

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camel_toad2351d ago

Wow. I can see that in a headshop sitting right next to a bong.

bodybombs2351d ago

next to a tie-dye poster of a frog holding a peace sign sitting otop a mushroom with polka dots

AscendantX2351d ago

It needs to die....IT NEEDS TO DIE!!!

tubers2351d ago

It looks so weird.. but a little attractive.

Wouldn't mind trying it out.

Hope the thing doesn't bite.

AscendantX2351d ago

Bite your head off, man.

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