PlaystationEdge: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo Review

On January 10, 2012 Square Enix released a demo on the Playstation Network. Generally speaking, the demo of a game is not fully indicative of the game’s final polish. Seeing as how Final Fantasy XIII-2 is already out in Japan, I think it’s safe to presume that this is a good indication of the overall game. You can expect about 45 minutes to an hour’s worth of game play depending on how much you leveling you work on. I really enjoyed the demo. If you aren't entirely sure if you want the game or not, I think you should give the demo a try.

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Limitedsphere2346d ago

I am glad there are a lot of positive responses coming back regarding FFXIII-2. The forst game was not wholly enjoyable but, news that the second turns out to be better is great!

KeybladeMaster2346d ago

And.... why are they reviewing a demo?

brish2345d ago

Why shouldn't a demo be reviewed?

tigertron2345d ago

because it may not reflect the finished product.

Take the ME2 PS3 demo for example...the framerate wasn't locked and there was alot of screen tearing. That was fixed in the final release because the demo was from an older build.

brish2345d ago


I don't assume that a demo review will prove a game is good only that it will show one critics views on the demo itself.

I don't have the time, and space on my console to try every demo that is released.

A demo review allows me to get some idea if I'll like the demo or not. I find demo reviews to be useful.

Kthalas2345d ago

@ KeybladeMaster and tigertron

Since FFXIII-2 is already out in Japan, the demo is pretty indicative of the final game. However this is not a review of the over all game itself. But more of a preview.

I know a lot of people online who hate FF XIII. Some are curious though as to how XIII-2 is different than XIII. I wrote this in an effort to convince some of my friends to try out the demo and perhaps even others who might be on the fence about the game.

Will the changes in Final Fantasy XIII-2 be enough to convince all the Final Fantasy XIII haters to give this a shot? No. Often it feels like I'm one of a very few who enjoyed most of what XIII had to offer. XIII-2 looks to be a lot of fun as well.

tigertron2345d ago

Indicative, yes, but who knows how old the demo build is.

KeybladeMaster2345d ago

If it's more of a preview than.... why didn't you just call it a preview?

Kthalas2345d ago

If you read the actual article the title has Preview/Review in it. I don't know why I didn't add the Preview part to it here. It's a bit of both.