There once was a Stargate RTS in development

"Perception Studios CEO Ben Lenzo has confirmed that there was once a Stargate RTS in production."

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WolfLeBlack2158d ago

Damn, I wish it had come to fruition. I always felt that the Stargate universe could have had a lot done with it in gaming terms.

steve30x2158d ago

No wonder some games studios go broke when they spend money to develop some games and then abandon them.

insomnium22158d ago

This could've been a same kind of game like Diablo or something. My god how interesting it could've been.

Finalfantasykid2157d ago

I always thought a Stargate rts would be amazing. And speaking of resources:

Ori, would require human worshippers for power
Wraith, would have to periodically cull human worlds
Not sure about the Asgard, maybe harvest neutronium?

There are so many potential factions in the game. I can think of like 6 or 7 major factions, and a couple of smaller ones(like neutral factions).