Kinect has extended the life of Xbox 360, says Microsoft

TheBottomTicker writes, "With Sony out of the picture, it opened the door for Microsoft to make a major reveal with a next-gen console – maybe the Xbox 720. As it turns out, Microsoft won’t be revealing a new console anytime soon either – thanks to the Xbox Kinect."

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Why o why2194d ago

'With sony out of the picture'

I did actually laugh. There was an easier way to extend a cosoles life and thats with games. There is definitely one faction that is wanting the next next gen quickly and ill let you guess which one that is..... For the other, the games that brought them to that console are still coming . Kinect has definitely extended the life of the 360 so dont get me wrong but honestly... Whould would the type of gamer that comes to sites like this one prefer ....MS to use kinect or ms to use games

dedicatedtogamers2194d ago

Every single time I hear about Kinect's success, I can't help but think of the 500 million advertising budget. I mean, GTA4 cost 40 million. Killzone 2 and its engine cost ~60 million. Think of how many AAA games Microsoft COULD have financed instead of Kinect.

And then I think about how RARE is making WiiSports clones. I think about how Lionhead is making on-rails games.

I mean, is this REALLY what 360 owners want? Can 360 devotees HONESTLY tell me - without falling back on the classic "we still got deh multiplatz games, yo" excuse - that they are glad Microsoft is going this direction with Kinect?

PirateThom2194d ago

The people who defend it don't care about games, only sales. So they're happy enough.

Tanir2194d ago Show
Solid_Snake372194d ago


Lol as long as it sells ALOT, they can sleep better at night

coolbeans2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

"Think of how many AAA games Microsoft COULD have financed instead of Kinect."

This would be true if one knew that $500 million came directly out of their game dev./R & D, which probably isn't the case. Like every other billion dollar company, MS' partitions a bunch of different 'budget balances' they can use for a certain aspect of their company. Since they probably have an entire budget dedicated to just advertising their products, it would be safe to assume that money wasn't taken from anywhere else but the advertising division and they reduced the amount of ads for Windows 7 and other products.

So technically that particular complaint can basically be the same as "Think of how many games MS COULD have financed instead of Windows 8" for all we know; which really doesn't make any sense.

Edit: If anyone has reports of how that advertising money was shuffled, it would be greatly appreciated :).

BrutallyBlunt2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

Why do we continue to get people here on N4G trying to speak on behalf of everyone? Kinect can add to the existing experience, example being Forza 4. You don't need Kinect but it adds another layer of immersion. So why do users here like dedicatedtogamers care if people enjoy Kinect or not? If they don't want anything to do with Kinect then there is a simple option for them, don't worry about it. Don't spend your time in articles asking people why they like it.

There's far too many options out there to worry about things that don't interest you. All these people seem to really care about is trolling or trying to persuade others into thinking they should adopt their own philosophies on what to enjoy.

People complained the XBOX brand had no diversity so they went in a completely different direction with Kinect and tried to attract those uncomfortable with the many buttons on a controller. Now they complain it's too casual. I am a firm believer there is a core group out there who troll forums that have no interest in any direction Microsoft takes, they will never be a part of it. Obviously they have a lot of time on their hands and just enjoy trolling articles.

DiRtY2194d ago

Ahh we are at it again.

PS Vita gets the biggest ad campaign in history of SCEE: "THAT'S IT SONY! Wooohooo!"

MS Kinect launched with 500 million USD marketing budget: "OMG MS IS DESPERATE!!!! WITHOUT ADS KINECT WOULD NOT SELLAT ALL!!!"

Actually you should be thankful that MS did not spend that 500 million USD on games. Imagine what kind of games you would be missing.

"Hey Bethesda, we want Skrim to be a PC / Xbox 360 title. Here are 50 million USD."

"Hey Warner, we want Batman Arkham City to be a 360 only game - here are 50 million USD"

"Hey Rockstar, make GTA V Xbox exclusive. here are 150 Million USD"

And Kinect Sports is a really fun game. You just have to give it a try with 3-4 other people. It is great.

I am enjoying Gears, Halo, Forza, Fable just as much as Dance Central 2 and Kinect Sports.

darthv722194d ago

that is usually the time frame for a new release to be announced. Now I can see that those who are just now getting a 360 or ps3 would complain about not wanting a new console to be revealed.

It would make them feel like they bought into it at the wrong time....well, they did. Then again why punish those of us who started from the beginning by having to wait until others are ready to buy a new system? I am ready and im sorry to those who arent but this isnt about you its about moving the industry forward. You cant do that on hardware that is 5+ years old.

There is one advantage to extended console life and that is experience. Some of the best games on the snes and genesis came out at or near the end of those console runs. Developers are wanting new challenges to keep them creative and what better way to challenge their abilities than with new hardware every 5 years or so.

Like it or not, there is something new on the horizon. Who makes that reveal first steals the thunder from the other.

gamingdroid2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )


***The people who defend it don't care about games, only sales. So they're happy enough.***

How about we just happen to enjoy Kinect like the millions of others?

Not everyone is close minded and have an attitude "if it ain't for me it must be sh!t"... that said, I'm speaking to deaf ears here.


***I mean, is this REALLY what 360 owners want? Can 360 devotees HONESTLY tell me - without falling back on the classic "we still got deh multiplatz games, yo" excuse - that they are glad Microsoft is going this direction with Kinect?***

If you actually ask the people that play games and isn't constantly frequent video game sites, you will find a large portion of them do like Kinect.

***Every single time I hear about Kinect's success, I can't help but think of the 500 million advertising budget.***

... and apparently it was a monumental success for MS. It helped them move 10 milliion consoles in one quarter, enabled an entire new business and brought in roughly $2.5 billion in revenue on the device itself discounting games.

I would say that is a very good investment.

maniacmayhem2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

I find it funny that people complain about the advertising MS does for Kinect, then turn right around and complain Sony doesn't advertise enough.

The same people complain that there are too many games for Kinect even though it sold the highest and MS is supporting their successful device. Then the same people turn around and yell the move is not being supported enough and need more dedicated games.

The same fans always say "sales don't matter!" but then are really quick to say "U.S. doesn't equal the world".

Why does it make some people so mad that the Kinect is a successful device that a lot of people are enjoying? I personally do not like the Kinect or any of the other motion controllers but I won't make any excuses on why others might like it.

It's funny how many people on this site are so upset about Kinect, and continue to use the "50 mill ad" as the only reason it succeeded.

ZippyZapper2193d ago

All aboard the excuse train CHOO! CHOO!

I guess you guys are riding the caboose (the last car)

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr32194d ago ShowReplies(5)
FACTUAL evidence2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

Microsoft: Kinect has extended the life of Xbox 360, meaning we can produce shovelware every month, and collect cash from your grandma. We're done with our hardcore audience, they better be happy they're getting another halo.

LORD-PHOENIX2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

with a 500million marketing budget

kinect has done nothing for gaming nor the consumers like me who were early adopters of the console...and before the ms devotees comment think why it is whenever a fps comes to console now nomatter the quality you go out in droves to buy it? like duke nukem......because you are starved of exclusives due to ms's desire to squeeze every last drop of money from you starting with kinect, its sold great but gaming wise its a is a trick used by all companies and when you have 500million to market thats alot of tricks.

just have a look at some of the commercials, ive played kinect and in noway are the commercials a true representation of the games,making you believe you full control when they are infact on rails

Angrymorgan2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

I felt robbed!
When I first got an xbox, I thought I was buying an xbox, not a fancy wii.
People can argue all they want about it being an optional alternative way of playing but it ain't, Microsoft screwed us over, switched the target Market to kids and stopped developing good m+ rated exclusives. Bye bye xbox, hello ps3.

Oh and kinect has extended the life of xbox, but not in a good way, I did own kinect when it first launched, it could be fantastic if used right, eg head tracking in fps games etc, but the games being released are total garbage.

gamingdroid2194d ago

When I bought an Xbox 360, I had no idea the console was going to evolve so much.

When I bought it, I bought it to play games with my friends and jump online. Because more people had mics on the Xbox 360, I chose that platform. Now, I enjoy all the benefits of cross game chat, party system and beacons.

Angrymorgan2194d ago


Don't get me wrong, I think xbox is a great system, and the online service is second to none. I just don't like the amount of support kinect is getting, in my opinion xbox is turning into a media player/nintendo wii
Just ain't for me anymore

gamingdroid2193d ago


Fair enough.... I can't tell you how to feel.

That said, there are plenty of games on the Xbox 360 exclusive or not. Do you find you have problems finding games?

I can't say I share your sentiment about the Kinect/Apps support, as I really like Kinect. I'm enjoying Fruit Ninja Kinect, Gunstringer, Kinect Sports and Dance Central... more recently I have been using UFC Trainer. but have not tried Halo: CEA with Kinect support.

I'm looking forward to Mass Effect 3 with voice support using Kinect.

On top of that, I find myself browsing the apps and frequently use Netflix.

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disturbing_flame2194d ago

Of course it did.
If Microsoft want to make money no need to hurry for them with the release of a new console.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32194d ago

The sales of the 360 prove people aren't impressed with the offerings of MS's competition. Kinect has helped along with having the most popular games running better on the 360, plus having the better network doesn't hurt either.

gamingdroid2194d ago

Actually, the hardcore console gaming market is pretty small now. PS2 didn't sell because it was a hardcore gaming machine....

If people were so impressed with the PS3's offering, Sony wouldn't be forced to drop the price and still be third in the US this past Holiday.

BlackTar1872187d ago

All i hear is sales slaes sales WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY we are gamers first business men second enough with the sales garbage

lugia 40002194d ago ShowReplies(2)
LiL T2194d ago

So they are admitting that is was almost dead or completely dead... otherwise there would be no reason to Extened its life. Its like an Extended warranty you only buy it on thing you know are gonna die sooner than later.

ThirstyforFanta2194d ago

Guys are you really believing this? LOL
They HAVE TO release a new console to compete with the WII-U.. They're just saying they won't release it this year to make people buy the current Xbox and not wait..

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