10 games we (probably) won’t see until 2013

January is a terrible month for game releases, but it’s a fantastic month for speculating about what’s down the road. We’ve pulled through yet another insane holiday season, and now 2012 stretches before us, filled with possibility. There are a lot of great games on the horizon, to be sure, but as with any other year, you just know some of the biggest ones aren’t going to see store shelves before December rolls around.

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zeal0us2352d ago

Neverwinter MMO

Blade&Soul personally I think this mmo will never come out internationally been in development since 2007

6 days in Fallujah games finish just no one want to publish the game is last time I heard about it.

Swiggins2351d ago

Now that the US has pulled out of Iraq, it's likely that Fallujah may eventually find a publisher, as the controversy will die with time, but probably not in 2012.

I'm hoping and praying that The Last of Us is this year. But if not, oh well.

N311V2351d ago

I reckon The Last of Us will be this year. Naughty Dog split the developlent team into two after UC2 so they have the resources. TLoU will be this year then UC4 next year, this way they avoid releasing them in the same year.