Retroactive PS4 and Xbox 720 against evolution

Gaming In Entertainment writes: The next-generation machines from Microsoft and Sony are going to have a different battle on their hands, especially if they’re still to be considered games consoles and don’t include cloud gaming as part of their design. Some hardcore gamers like to have their hardware under the big screen TV, and a transition to something different would be hard for them.

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danswayuk2374d ago

It just seems pointless paying all the money for high spec hardware when you can have cheaper games via OnLive, although if you have no Internet then this solution seems pretty pointless.

ricky3602374d ago

Agree with you, need a connection for OnLive.

ricky3602374d ago

I would always want hardware for when there is no connection online, roll on Xbox 720.

danswayuk2374d ago

If the PS4 and Xbox 720 partnered with OnLive, it would be pretty cool.

theeg2373d ago

be cool if they would

COME OUT NOW!!!!!!'s only been 7 years, no big deal, gaming in 720p is like watching a movie on vhs

we have 1080p, 1200p, 1440p, 1600p