Skyrim in Breathtaking Graphics: New Modding Shots Will Leaves You Speechless

Here are some new and breathtaking Modding Shoots from The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. Check the impressive Screenshots and more infos about that after the break!

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Bounkass2346d ago

Should look pretty good. But the video isn't working. Again. :(

BitbyDeath2346d ago

Video doesn't look any better than console versions....

h311rais3r2346d ago

True. Aside from the fact that the console version is below 720p and textures are 512x512/lower and the framerate is what...30? And the loading times and NO MOD support? Bethesda games always been about user content. Imbsorry if u think pc looks same as console but you clearly need ur eyes checked. It's like n64 vs ps3. Man console gamers r either dumb or ignorant...I have all systems btw.

BitbyDeath2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

I have it on both PS3 & PC, PC is better but the differences are not that great even on max settings. No need to act so defensive, its just gaming.

Arnon2346d ago

Yes, there is a massive difference from Skyrim on ultra compared to the console versions. Then, with mod support, there's no competition.

Play2Win2346d ago

Sorry but the resolution alone makes it much sharper.

Kahvipannu2346d ago

lol at the disagrees. Console versions are definitelly inferior to the superior PC version. This doesn't mean it's bad on consoles, just that it's the "handicapped" one.

This pic is pretty cool:

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Braid2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

I take it you're joking... right?

Skyrim nexus is your friend. If you have a good gaming rig there's literally NO end to the improvements you can make on the graphics. The game takes about 4-5GBs of HDD space on PC, but my game folder is 11GBs now as I've probably downloaded more than 40 mods and applied them to the game.

Textures that are 4 times higher-res? Check.
Alternate shaders? Check.
SSAO? Check.
FXAA? Check.
Maximum AF? Check.
Better view distance? Check.
Characters with higher polygons? Check.
Better fire, smoke and lightning effects? Check.

There are hundreds of other things that I can list but I think you get the gist.

Try ENB Series v1.02 and tell me there's no difference between the console and the PC version. Hell, there's even a dramatic difference between the vanilla Skyrim and Skyrim with ENB on PC.

To be fair though, vanilla Skyrim is not tweaked well for PCs so you're gonna have to build on it yourself using mods. There are lots of tweaking articles on the internet and modding itself is not so difficult, it just requires you to drag and drop some files to the game folder. If you have the will and patience to modify the game, I promise that you'll be playing one of the most beautiful looking games of this generation.

closnyc22346d ago

can we stop with these retarded titles? IT WILL LEAVE YOU SPEECHLESS! wont, even with mods, skyrim doesnt manage to look better than half the games this generation.

theeg2346d ago

skyrim on pc, in ultra, 1080p with zero mods looks better than anything on console, better than uc2 and 3, better than gears 3, better than god of war or any other console game people think looks amazing.

but no, it is not amazing looking for a pc game

hard reset
the witcher 2
shogun 2
crysis 2
and many other pc titles make skyrim look last gen.

BitbyDeath2346d ago

I've got it on PC and no it is not that great looking, why fake it?

There are many console games way better looking than Skyrim.

brodychet2346d ago

Better than Uncharted 3? I think you should go back and play a few levels.

Play2Win2346d ago

come on man ... even MW3 on PC looks better than anything on consoles.

theeg2346d ago

I'm just giving my honest opinion. I think the PC version of skyrim blows uncharted 3 out of the water by an almost genrational gap, same with god of war 3, gears 3, killzone 3 and all the usual suspects.

Arnon2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Skyrim on max settings does blow those games out of the water. However, most people on this site will disagree with you, because most people on this site have not actually experienced it on max settings at 1080p or higher outside of a YouTube video, which hardly qualifies as an experience.

Then when talking about mod support such as the 2k texture pack for skyrim...