The Truth Behind The Hate For Call Of Duty

An eGamer journalist analyses what he believes to be the true reasons for the "surge in hatred" for the Call of Duty games, and attempts to look at the situation objectively.

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Jacobite2200d ago

Good read, myself being a PC gamer mostly I thought COD, CODUO, COD2 and MW are the best, the rest playable (except BO) said after BO never again lol MW3 19.99 @ Christmas just a tad of hope left (doubt it)never mind still to play it probably SP only lost interest in MP after MW2.

Agent-862200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

As another PC gamer, I have to agree with both your points: this was a great article and COD just hasn't been worth playing since MW. My actual favorite was COD:UO because it had larger maps and vehicles. Great fun! Oh well, like the author, I moved on as well. BFBC2 and BF3 were much better games; I haven't missed COD at all.

2200d ago
h311rais3r2200d ago


i stopped reading after you said "BF bad company3" clearly says battlefield 3 on the box. that and u said bf is not fun. im sorry but me and ALL my friends have had much more fun doing this - you and your squad run into a building fill of enemies. plant c4. collapse the building killing everyone inside only to come under fire by a helicopter which then gets hit by a missile and you dive attempting to not get crushed by the flaming giant. you get back up and hip fire someone at close range then suddenly you stop. you see a knife holding your dogtag and your dead. - thats a bf game. here is cod - RUN! DIE! DIE DIE DIE! RUN KILL! AC130! lose -

Majin-vegeta2200d ago

Not to mention they rehashed some buildings from MW1.

Tachyon_Nova2199d ago

I dont see why people care about this, buildings in BF3 are reused like 100 times each...

metsgaming2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

I really hate COD for 1 reason over everything else.

It ruins other games, how so you ask?

1. Developers change their IP's and try to copy COD and ruin what the series was about and what made it special.

It ruined on of my favorite series Ace Combat. Assault horizon is Codized and it is nothing like a true ace combat.

2. Similar to number one but about new Ip's. most games seem to try to copy cod or use elements popularized by Cod. If i wanted to play Cod i would play cod and your rip off will not convince Cod players to switch to your game.

This has thus destroyed innovation because everyone wants the COD money. Good gameplay and ideas are thrown away because its all about the money.

3. Another thing is that truly good games dont get the recognition they deserve or any recognition at all and die.

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Ducky2199d ago

1 & 2 are due to simply the game being popular.
They're both not really justified reasons to hate a game. CoD didn't ruin your favourite series, the developers of your favourite series did.

As for 3, truly good games still wouldn't get recognition even if CoD didn't exist.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2200d ago

People hate it cause its a bad game series after COD4 its just the same shit over and over.

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BattleTorn2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

I can't remember whether when exactly Call of Duty became "Arcade".

It sure wasn't until its later years that it became formulaic, and acheived that title ("arcade shooter")

My personal taste have either never liked that direct, or out grown it.

Now it seems like the maps designs are circular, which wasn't always the case.

World at War had vehicles, and larger maps. Why can't they attempt that again?

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