Test Drive Ferrari - new info & screenshots

The game is almost finished - current release date: end of march 2012. Slightly Mad is the developer, 52 cars confirmed, multiplayer confirmed (8 player max), PC/360/PS3

A load of ingame photos:

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360 man2527d ago

Wow the game is looking quite good i must say. very good indeed.

LettingGo2527d ago

Curse my love of Ferrari!

Projekt7tuning2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

I thought I had read that Turn 10 had the rights to Ferrari. So I thought it was kinda strange they let them use Ferrari for an entire game, when EA blocked Forza 4 from having Porsche. Maybe Turn 10 worked out a deal for a future DLC Porsche pack for Forza 4? Or maybe the People who wrote those articles about Turn 10 having the rights to Ferrari were full of S.

Either way I'm definitely down for this one. One of my favorite games to this day still, is Ferrari F355 Challenge on ol' Dreamcast. Only one car, But man what a great sim for it's day. Hope this one is spot on.

Here is a link to one of those old articles .

Si-Fly2527d ago

355 was one of my favourite games too but unfortunately it's totally irrelevant even mentioning that in the same sentence as this game because this is by the developer that brought us Shift 2... it will handle like crap.

Projekt7tuning2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

@ Si-Fly
I concur with you. F355 Challenge was touched by Yu Suzuki, and this is Need for Speed. But who knows, we might get lucky with this one. Maybe the team that made Ferrari's F1 simulators will advise them a bit. That would be cool. We will just have to wait and see right.

What do you think it took to get the license from Turn 10 if their really the ones who have it?