IGN - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Review in Progress

IGN: "reviews in progress" aren't uncommon. But we've never tried this approach with a game before.

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Drake1172260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

Game looks great. I do however hate how they again compare combat in this to skyrim by saying its better. I really don't know what the obsession with comparing every RPG that comes out now against eachother like what they did with Dark Souls and skyrim. If every RPG was exactly the same and gave the player the same exact experiences then the genre would b dry and suck. Skyrim is meant to be played as a first person game as if you were literally controlling or becoming the character. A game like dark souls or what i have seen of Kingdoms of Amalur is meant to be more actiony and fast paced than skyrim. I don't think Amalur even has a first person view and neither did Dark Souls. All are amazing games tho.

admiralthrawn872260d ago

of course you can compare RPG's. Its using some of the best rpg's as standards in which to talk about a new one. I enjoyed skyrim, but just because its played in first person doesnt mean it gets a pass on its mediocre combat. If you ask me, its a downgrade from oblivion. it is clunky and archaic. everything else in the game felt refreshing, the combat doesnt only need refined, it needs reworked. so an rpg like amalur that is open world, deep in story, progression, AND combat, sounds awesome and should be compared.

Drake1172260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

I disagree. Im not saying the combat in ES is amazing or perfect or even that appealing to many people but if they changed it or reworked it, it would no longer be elder scrolls and i would lose alot of faith in bethesda because they changed their identity. Im also not saying it gets a pass because its first person im saying that the combat is meant to put you in the shoes of your character and ES combat does that very well regardless of it being fast paced or actiony or whatever the reason is that many feel the combat is lacking. Amalur does look very fun and the combat looks amazing reminds me of a cross between the first fable and a little skyrim.

Bimkoblerutso2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )


I'm not going to lie. Elder Scrolls has never really had the most compelling combat around. But I totally agree with you.

The series does so many other things better than any other game out there that it belies all these ridiculous and superficial comparisons people like to draw.

There are things Dark Souls does really well, there are things that Skyrim does really well, and I'm sure there are things KoA will do really well too.

Grimhammer002260d ago

But a large reason people play RPGs is to see the progression. Third person is best.

Lyr1c2260d ago

Another large reason people play open-world RPGs is to become immersed in the world. With that statement, I could argue that 1st person is best.

It's just a preference, however I wouldn't dare knock a game for not having one or the other.

BattleTorn2260d ago

I was going to write a comment about Kingdom of Amalur, but I then I took an arrow to the knee.

Lex_Dangerously 2260d ago

But..... you totally did just write a comment...... Hmmmmmm. ;)