Revelations: How PC gaming allowed me to be born again

Previously a console elitist, Johnny Cullen makes the jump to a gaming PC and details his experience so far, the inclusion of PC games in his routine and why consoles may be facing the biggest test of their history.

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killerhog2320d ago

i really hope that isnt the journalist.

DarkBlood2320d ago

whats more curious is how they let themseves get fat like that lol

killerhog2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

no offense to anyone and i wish that dude the best of luck in life, but i wouldnt want to be reborn into that lol. also the pain your hapless mother would have to go through to deliver you. i mean, is his whole back an arse crack?

DarkBlood2320d ago

its a heart attack waiting to happen and dont forget lois gave birth to elephant chris griffen :P

The Great Melon2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )


Actually you can lose weight playing WOW. When one of my friends discovered the game he wouldn't leave his room to eat! Needless to say he quickly lost about 15 pounds... before learning about 3 am deliveries from Jimmy Johns.

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Reborn2320d ago

Think you've probably sidetracked everyone with that picture. Now you'll get a discussion on that, rather than the article. (possibly)

stevenhiggster2320d ago

Shame cause it is a good article and one I feel more console only gamers should read.

one2thr2320d ago

I was once a console only gamer, but after hearing this and that about pc graphics. I decided that I should get into Pc gaming as well, and without the knowledge of putting a pc together... It had taken me about 2 and a half to about 3 months to finish building my very first gaming pc and it costed me well over one thouusand beans but the end result, to me was well-well worth the time, money, and patients... PS3 & Pc gaming combo FTW!

stevenhiggster2320d ago

For me it's not just about the graphics, it's more about games running better i.e 60fps+, no screen tearing etc.
I mean seriously, try playing F1 2011 on PS3 then again on a good gaming PC, it's a completely different game performance wise. Is it even 20fps on the PS3!? No racing game should ever be less than 60fps imho.

SilentNegotiator2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

All you need to know is that he met Jesus in a match of TF2.

Yeah....a pretty bad choice of picture.

Ps3-PCgamer2319d ago

yeah I built my first Gaming PC last year and I'm loving it. Use to play civ 4 on my laptop but that was the only PC game I've ever played and got into. Put almost 2 grand into my Rig and its been worth every penny. Also own a PS3 but as of late its just been a netflix box lol.

Those of you who only play console should really give PC gaming a shot its well woth the investment. And Steam is awesome as well. Games are so cheap in the long run you will save tons of money. You don't have to spend as much as I did. Around $600 can get you a fairly decent PC.
Stay away from alienware and just build your own.
Learned how to build mine from just watching youtube videos and its really not that difficult.

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Deadpool6162320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

I recently got a powerful PC to play games. It's an eye opening experience. It feels good to get a wider spectrum of gaming.

Mrmagnumman3572320d ago

550 TI is not enough to be considered a super pc... I own a gtx 570, there are only 2 nvidia cards more powerful then it, and it plays BF3 at ultra settings with everything maxed at 60 + fps... so maybe its time for this guy to upgrade...

ninjahunter2319d ago

550ti is still plenty to max out all games on the market i believe, especially if you overclock. Upgrading would be irrelevant accept for AA and extra fps.

TABSF2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

I know of 7 people that was console gamers only before September 2011 that have embraced PC gaming.

Some of these people getting upto 80hrs of Steam game-play every 2 weeks, one particular person used to play his PS3 everyday day now he mostly watches TV on it with PlayTV like myself. He PS3 playtime has come down to less than 5 hours every 2 weeks.

That more than 96% playtime on PC, never mind web-browsing, listening to music, watching films/videos.

----------------------------- ----------------------------

I was a console gamer only till November 2007 since then I have purchased less and less console gamers due to price and comparison to PC version plus PC exclusive features.

This last year I have purchased:
2 games on PS3 (Infamous 2 & Socom 4)
1 game on 360 (Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary)

On Steam however I expanded my library by another 50 games or so.
My library now totalling 318 games, 515 pieces of content with DLC, F2P and mods

PC gaming is expensive short term, but extremely cheap long term
Console gaming is cheap short term, but extremely expensive long term

My total playtime on PC this last year is just to much but its probably been close to 3 hours per day, if you compare that to the 3 games I got I probably only played something like 40 hours combined.
Its something like 97% playtime on PC verses consoles.

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The story is too old to be commented.